sunday, oct 15, 2000
hijacking was surprise to passengers
usually they know in advance?
from the "when headlines are just plain stupid" department.
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monkeys seek repeated buzz
weird science
monkeys also repeatedly pressed levers that provided food, water and sex, said baffled researchers.
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the moron's almanac
just like the farmer's almanac
but without all that crap about farming.
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gee dubya bush snorted my balls!
the 'ate my balls' craze meets the 'election 2000' craze
the ubiquitous 'ate my balls' page is a web craze you won't see reported at wall st journal, though you could easily spend a week or more viewing them all. google returns 65,700 hits, and it is said the web is only about 20% indexed...
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meet mr. winkle!
i think it's past my bedtime
i just know there's got to be a
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nad's hair removing gel
heh heh. he said 'nads'.
"a completely natural, water-soluble hair removal product that looks like green toffee and can be used anywhere on the body."
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sewing machine networks with game boy
iStapler was a joke. this isn't.
you've heard about the screenfridge. the izek system from singer is another wedding of what at first glance seem unlikely technologies.
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saturday, oct 14, 2000
but i need one of these!
wonders of office automation
the info tech guy sez hackers could shoot my eye out remotely from the internet.
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the ancient australian art of genital origami
do not try this at home
a 60-year-old woman said: "I have been waiting 40 years to laugh at a penis like that."
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crooks snort dog remains
"A police constable called to investigate the break-in at Chadwell Heath, England, fell about laughing when he saw the burglars had arranged the ashes in cocaine-style lines."
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glob oozes across kentucky
i saw this at the drive-in
crews have been building rock dams along the affected creeks to try to slow the flow...
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friday, oct 13, 2000
meet the rat patrol
no rats at all?
not one single rat?
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what do you get when you combine paper dress-up dolls with DHTML and a dash of sacrilege? jesus dress up!
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thursday, oct 12, 2000
the forbidden closet
stranger than fiction
"As a child, he often played with doorknobs. But his mother was adamant about keeping him away from a bedroom closet where Latanisha's body was kept."
eerie. bizarre. life imitates stephen king.
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wednesday, oct 11, 2000
welcome to my trailer park page
unfit for human habitation
from what i can see, no humans inhabit it.
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win a shower with jesus
i don't think this guy has a chance in hell of winning a domain name dispute.
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gates victimized in drive-by hacking
more bullshit headlines from ziff davis
this amused me. the headline has, as per standard zdnet practice, little to do with what the story says. gates wasn't victimized, a newspaper web site was. gates is a public figure, his name and image appear all over the net in various contexts, quite a lot of them derogatory. insertion of his name in a story about hacking NASA isn't victimization, it's humor. (if the orange county register actually ran bill's software on their site, this would have been truly ironic, but they don't.) this article also paints the traditional picture of the evil malicious hacker zdnet so loves to villain-ize. the real problem is misconfigured, insecure servers. something the register apparently has in common with NASA. all in all, another 4-star zdnet bs job!
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tuesday, oct 10, 2000
everest climber gives museum the finger...
and the other finger and a few toes to boot
"I don't think it was quite what they were expecting, but I haven't got any use for them any more and I thought it would be nice to see them exhibited."
i know i can't wait.
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cliff yablonski hates you
in case you care
this is crude, lewd, insensitive and politically incorrect. i like it.
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monday, oct 9, 2000
motorola extorts consumer data from dealers
corporate shenanigans ala mode
"Independent dealers are being told by Motorola that they must turn over their proprietary customer data -- the lifeblood of their business -- or lose the right to sell Motorola's popular two-way radios."
with their eyes on the pot o' gold at the end of the e-commerce rainbow, a lot of manufacturers will be looking at getting into direct online sales.
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