saturday, dec 23, 2000
lee vasche sucks a big fatty
quonsar at 12:20 pm
voluntary human extinction movement
may we live long and die out
"Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense."
i really doubt they could be less dense.
quonsar at 3:02 am
quonsar at 2:52 am
great battles of the blort
capt. crunch vs. michelle tanner eating spaghetti
turns out these guys are not only blort content providers, they're also blort fans!
quonsar at 1:18 am
friday, dec 22, 2000
am i stoned or not
yet another 'scale of one to ten' site
am i this or not offers about 50 alternatives, including our favorite, am i quonsar or not.
quonsar at 8:24 pm
fetus soap on a rope
it's like the son you never had
"the beanie baby for the next millennium!"
lathered up by shelldrake at 6:14 pm
worst case scenarios
how to escape from quicksand, wrestle an alligator, land a plane
quonsar at 5:23 pm
we're not going to do this for a while.
quonsar at 4:52 pm
bible gum
gum for thought
quonsar at 4:28 pm
happy children
and a pissed-off artist
quonsar at 4:15 pm
white bear, brown tail
requires flash
quonsar at 4:10 pm
the christmas spirit
a must-read link
not standard blort fare, but hey: merry christmas!
quonsar & shelldrake at 3:07 pm
thursday, dec 21, 2000
sex offender clown busted after christmas parade
accused of touching girls with feather duster
shelldrake at 10:29 pm
realhamster: world's finest love hamster
features like no other buggering hamster in the world
"Most buggering hamsters are made of cheap bits of sackcloth. They look pathetic and laughable, not buggerable."
shelldrake at 10:26 pm
jesus, what a deal!
quonsar at 10:12 pm
avon leonard: alien abduction therapist
the purveyor of the light on this planet
"My limitless knowledge of universal vibrations has given me the name Heavenly Visio, as I am able to summon and communicate with any spirit or being in the universe."
quonsar at 10:03 pm
thomas aquinas explains lust
what it is, how to get it
quonsar at 9:58 pm
serial killers info site
no sensationalism, no gore
thats the site motto, not a review...
quonsar at 9:48 pm
love & nausea
quonsar at 9:42 pm
snowmen reinforce gender stereotypes
reflect prominent, public men; private, domestic women
"The snowman's location in the semi-public space of garden or field reinforces a spatial-social system marking women's sphere as the domestic-private and the men's as the commercial-public."
quonsar at 9:29 pm
horny remover
tired of being constantly aroused?
"Simply rub the Horny Remover on your left elbow, and watch as your libido fades away. Within minutes, you'll have the sex drive of a 75 year-old woman."
quonsar at 6:25 pm
wednesday, dec 20, 2000
cannibalism suspected in child's death
acquaintances said he gave them prepared dishes which tasted peculiar
"Prosecutors charged a man with killing a 10-year-old boy and said evidence suggests he butchered the child and fed the remains to his neighbors."
and it gets worse...
quonsar at 7:06 pm
calculus girls
girls that took SAT level II math
"The mission of this site is to dispel the popular misconception that smart girls are not attractive, and at the same time attempt to promote the view that it's okay for attractive girls to pursue knowledge and use their intellect."
quonsar at 6:54 pm
butt hinge with integrally formed butt straps
i love it when you talk patent to me
"An improved butt hinge is disclosed in which each hinge half comprises a leaf portion formed integrally with a butt strap. A second leaf portion mounts to each butt strap after the butt straps are mounted..."
quonsar at 6:34 pm
touch me tender
follow directions
quonsar at 6:28 pm
tuesday, dec 19, 2000
the original live nude hamster cam
don't settle for cheap imitations.
"Our animal sex trainers spend weeks with our hamsters, teaching them how to satisfy your deepest, darkest, kinkiest fantasies."
quonsar at 11:03 pm
lip balm anonymous
"our primary purpose is to stay free from lip balm and to help others achieve the same freedom."
quonsar at 11:00 pm
the tacky postcard archive
preserving the bad taste of our era for future generations
shelldrake at 6:36 pm
monday, dec 18, 2000
an empty page
an empty page
quonsar at 10:27 pm
jesus diet for your sins
heal thyself: for christ's sake!
quonsar at 10:24 pm
sheep across america
"surprisingly enough, the idea was born from a bottle of liquor."
quonsar at 10:21 pm
worst job dot com
where people with horrific jobs describe them for the rest of the world
shelldraked at 6:26 pm