sunday, jan 21, 2001
phuket, thailand
things that make you go 'what the phuk?'
"Prepared by a team that calls Phuket home, here you'll find everything you could ever want to know about Phuket, over 100 Phuket hotels and resorts and other local Phuket businesses. Click-through our Phuket Maps and check out our Phuket Photo Tours for a visual feast."
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servotron robot allegiance
stupid humans
"The process for Servotron and Robot Domination is as follows:
step 1: Annihilate all humans
step 2: Dominate"

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eat your spinach
quonsar at 8:31 pm
If there ever was a national emergency this is it.
read everything carefully. without your help we are dead.
"In short there is a coup against the U.S. that is nearly complete. The culprits are using a secret mindcontrol program with sophisticated weapons to eliminate certain civil servants and press organizations to allow their people to be installed in their place."
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crowd pleasing chicken and cheesy pasta (.com)
in the valley of the giant domain name
quonsar at 6:59 pm
clone your bone or match your snatch
shelldrake at 6:15 pm
verizon eats poop (.com)
the 'official' website for verizon grievances
"If I ran my company like these idiots - I'd be OUTTA BUSINESS!!!!!"
quonsar at 5:43 pm
pillsbury doughboy vs. the tech industry bake-off
corporate lawyers as chronic assholes
i think one of these would look cool on my wall.
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saturday, jan 20, 2001
the blenderphone
sweet convergence, embrace me
"If you want your friends to think you're insane, but quote you like God anyway, this is the appliance for YOU!"
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robotic spy cows
military farm animal operations program - MFAOP
"The program was first used during the gulf war when explosive chickens were used to attack people and buildings. In 1994 a mechanical race horse chased a convicted murderer for an hour and a half before he finally collapsed from exhaustion. In 1993 a team of 5 Mechanical Ducks rescued a five year old from the raging waters during the Great Mississippi River Flood."
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quonsar at 9:10 pm
president clinton: the final days
quonsar at 8:03 pm
disturbing search requests
shelldrake at 7:45 pm
bert & bud's vintage coffins
don't be caught dead without one
quonsar at 7:42 pm
how to make your own washable cotton pads
quonsar at 7:27 pm
center for persons cursed by evil fate
luck is not arbitrary
"Evil Fate affects many of us. Feel justified in knowing that it's not your fault and there are others like you."
it was evil fate that had me find this link.
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better dog food
yahoo meets alpo
quonsar at 7:07 pm
my first baby organ
quonsar at 5:54 pm
time traveling unicorns
in an ancient tongue they were known as CHALICOTHERIUM
"they were very friendly to young girls (and of course young boys too) ... but could be QUITE PERNICIOUS to uncooperative androids and entomological perpetrators that should NEVER have entered the LABYRINTH."
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virtual crack
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shelldrake at 5:15 pm
friday, jan 19, 2001
fermented beaver blamed as 13 fall ill
a traditional meal in Manokotak
"Thirteen people from the village of Manokotak were hospitalized Thursday after eating fermented beaver tails and feet...A sample of the fermented beaver was sent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta for testing..."
shelldrake at 10:31 pm
thursday, jan 18, 2001
cows are cool
the singing cows of PETA "per-suede" you to "steer" clear of leather. don't miss the video.
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do a little dance
make a little love
get down tonight!
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quonsar at 10:16 pm
an error occurred while processing this directive
when toxic industrial waste handling goes bad
quonsar at 10:08 pm
bratling is undergoing puberty
quonsar at 9:58 pm
eman1425: chest runtle
JDMnick10: pretzel jump
"Well I had this petri dish named cornell. He flew garbage cans for a living. One day I found him dead on his toilet I fuckin cried like an Irishman in a barn FLOAT." mirror
quonsar at 7:42 pm
i am the boss of you
quonsar at 7:32 pm
screwy tuskers
yup. polo. on elephants.
"Elephant Polo is a lot like regular horse polo. (The biggest difference is one that you can probably guess!)"
quonsar at 6:08 pm
tee vee wasteland
quonsar at 5:56 pm
mexican jumping beans
rixport at 5:46 pm
wednesday, jan 17, 2001
biotic baking brigade
speaking pie to power
quonsar at 10:27 pm
roadside america
online guide to offbeat tourist attractions
shelldrake at 10:25 pm
curtis and vinny (.com)
we are really psyched
"Hi! We're Curtis Martin and Vinny Testaverde. We are both football players for the New York Jets in the National Football League."
quonsar at 10:24 pm
candy ass incorporated
brain candy for the masses asses
quonsar at 6:27 pm
a special offer from eToys CEO
everybody loves a knob-gobblin'
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tuesday, jan 16, 2001
random chicken
where chickens are random, and random is the chicken
"Our mission on the internet is to keep chickens as random as they can be..."
shelldrake at 10:36 pm
start me up
quonsar at 10:33 pm
shop mandiberg
buy me!
"My name is Michael Mandiberg. I am for sale. Buy my objects and dismantle my identity!"
quonsar at 10:07 pm
changing the climate
SUV bumper sticker terrorism
"Get the adrenaline rush of stalking big game. The Denali™, Yukon™, Tahoe™. Get the thrill of witnessing the tagging of an Excursion™ or Expedition™ with the subtle message that will leave them scratching their heads."
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automatic biscuit image generator
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quonsar at 8:32 pm
obscene interiors
the bad decorating of amateur porn sets
quonsar at 8:04 pm
going places you're not supposed to go
quonsar at 6:50 pm
the truth about hell
you could be in serious trouble
"He had a terrified look worse than the expression seen in death! This patient had a grotesque grimace expressing sheer horror! His pupils were dilated, and he was perspiring and trembling — he looked as if his hair was 'on end.' Then still another strange thing happened. He said, 'Don't you understand? I am in hell. . . Don't let me go back to hell!'"
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monday, jan 15, 2001
ghetto scooter
less oot in your scoot!
quonsar at 10:12 pm
conversational terrorism
how NOT to talk
quonsar at 3:39 pm
sports illustrated swimsuit photo shoot
as seen from the hubble telescope
quonsar at 3:36 pm
the icelandic phallological museum
a collection of over eighty penises and penile parts
quonsar at 3:34 pm
bigfoot's buttprint
imprint of a hairy backside in the mud
"If we can just get other scientists to look at this with an objective view, I think they'll say there must be something out there," says LeRoy Fish, a zoologist and retired wildlife ecologist who took part in the expedition that discovered the imprint.
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