sunday, jan 28, 2001
ferruginous pygmy owl
glaucidium brasilianum
quonsar at 7:27 pm
i am not a movie theater, i am cheese. and my hovercraft is full of eels.
quonsar at 7:10 pm
damp pants and bundt cake
quonsar at 9:56 am
officemax to donate 500 'W' keys to white house
keep the wheels of government moving.
"This bi-partisan move is a reflection of Corporate America's sense of urgency and desire to 'Ask not what your country can do for you, but instead, what can we do for our country?'"
quonsar at 9:48 am
ask a homeless crack whore
want advice from a professional?
quonsar at 2:15 am
you'll love sheep world
quonsar at 2:06 am
the cunningham dax collection of psychiatric art
artworks grouped by disorder
"A volcano erupting violently so endangering everything in its path. It may have both an aggressive and a sexual significance. For example a Philippine volcano is described as masculine when erupting but as feminine when providing its fertile surrounds."
quonsar at 1:40 am
for real vampires, vampyre lifestylers, and vampiric people
vampires unite!
quonsar at 1:24 am
that's no way to dry the laundry
quonsar at 12:17 am
saturday, jan 27, 2001
destroy everything
quonsar at 11:57 pm
disposable cell phone
quonsar at 10:54 pm
why collect typewriters?
why indeed.
"Are you tired of following the pack... chasing after Baseball Cards, Barbie Dolls, Beer Cans and other "Pop" collectibles?"
quonsar at 10:01 pm
deadmart DOA
the strange - the bizarre - the dead
shelldrake at 9:55 pm
build acid-spitting robot
your enemies will become your footstools.
quonsar at 8:38 pm
increase bust size by up to two inches in just weeks!
an all-natural herbal tablets
"Iíve become more full. Iíve had to go and buy all new undergarments because my bras became to tight."
quonsar at 8:11 pm
the dog watch
quonsar at 8:04 pm
thursday, jan 25, 2001
man accidentally saws off hand, then shoots nails into head
quonsar at 10:21 pm
the presidential palm helper
keeping george w on time, in the know, and majorly organitized!
shelldrake at 7:21 pm
:-( emoticon now a registered trademark
millions to be sued for infringement
In a move that has millions across the Internet community frowning, Despair, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had awarded them a registered trademark for the 'frowny' emoticon which serves as their logo. At a press conference, Despair's COO, Dr. E.L.Kersten, announced his intentions to sue "anyone and everyone who uses the so-called 'frowny' emoticon, or our trademarked logo, in their written email correspondence. Ever."
quonsar at 7:18 pm
loud breeding goats
amorous animals disturb womans sleep
"It's right there at my bedroom window every night ó the awfulest noise you ever heard," Hollon said. "What they are doing is breeding."
shelldrake at 7:12 pm
super chicken
shelldrake at 7:09 pm
wednesday, jan 24, 2001

who ya gonna call?
quonsar at 10:45 pm
quantum xrroid consciousness interface system
the defining instrument of new age quantum technology
"The development of a cybernetic loop and an auto focus system is the greatest advance in all of modern medicine. Imagine a device that can measure energetic abnormalities and revise them at biological speeds."
yeah. imagine.
quonsar at 10:34 pm
high velocity mashed potatoes
"One of my favorite activities is using compressed air to accelerate a potato into the 750 ft per second range."
quonsar at 9:27 pm
animation series seeks distribution
target: hip kids, aged 6-12
"concept: biracial twins, attached at the hip, struggle through adolescence."
quonsar at 7:58 pm
get a unique email address!
quonsar at 7:49 pm
image for the diagnosis 'accessory nipple'
shelldrake at 7:33 pm
search engines are getting a whole lot smarter
quonsar at 6:07 pm
large penis support group
assisting those who must deal with them
"Do you have an abnormally large male genital? Have you been injured by one in the recent past?"
step one: we admitted we were powerless over our penis size...
quonsar at 6:03 pm
buddy christ dashboard statue
cover your ass this millenium!
quonsar at 5:59 pm
the bagman cometh
quonsar at 5:55 pm
tuesday, jan 23, 2001
the financial crash network
"Another morning of plunging stock prices followed another evening of bankrupcy announcements. Last night's list of dot coms and other corperatations filing for chapter 11 was the longest yet at 734."
quonsar at 11:21 pm
your coffin twins
you can't take them with you
shelldrake at 9:37 pm
full circle spam
sex drugs and gambling news
a while back, i got spammed by a rehab. i guess this explains that. i wonder, just exactly what kind of lists am i on?
quonsar at 9:31 pm

quonsar at 8:58 pm
go ahead
make your day
shelldrake at 7:39 pm
i like my thong
quonsar at 7:13 pm
handcrafted casket furniture
quonsar at 7:10 pm
chocka ca-ca
shelldrake at 6:56 pm
barry and michaels facts about sheep
quonsar at 6:01 pm
do the dew
quonsar at 6:00 pm
quonsar at 5:58 pm