sunday, feb 18, 2001

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saturday, feb 17, 2001
constant velocity joints (.com)
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watch what you eat
"A bowl of beef ramen metamorphoses into a fearsome ninja; an apparently harmless can of tea becomes a sword-wielding samurai of death. With Lunchbots, each meal may be your last."
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this is a leaf
interesting, no?
nature for dummies.
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the blort lady
blort photos from blort land
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participants needed for research project
examining the effects of human semen on speech
"Our objective is to establish whether acts of 'rigorous' fellatio may contribute to pathology of the larynx. Currently recruiting males willing to receive fellatio. A conditional honorarium of $145 will be provided."
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removable caps (.com)
world's leading supplier of removable gold teeth
"Bridgeport’s removable gold teeth offer you the best of both worlds. They allow you, the customer, to shine and get the look you want. However, when you wish not to wear your teeth, they can be removed to maintain your natural appearance. This versatility has allowed us to work with some of today’s hottest rap stars and record executives."
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finnish weedless minnow spoon
don't know what it is, but it's fun to say.
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windshield scenes from hell
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the inflatable animal fetish page
I never thought being Normal Like Everyone Else was a good thing
"One of the nicest parts about the internet is that folks who like looking at pictures of inflatable zebras can find other people who like looking at pictures of inflatable zebras."
inflatable shelldrake at 2:19 pm

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find out how we built this complex
based on messages received from extraterrestrials in france, this is the largest building ever constructed from bales of hay.
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department of education one
the rolling oval office
"The bus's mission communication system provides worldwide transmission and reception of normal and secure communications. This state-of-the-art equipment includes 85 telephones, multifrequency radios for bus-to-air, bus-to-ground and bus-to-satellite communications, and a Fisher-Price 'Speak And Spell'.
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friday, feb 16, 2001
all your base are belong to us
somebody set up us the bomb
make your time.
via metafilter. requires FLASH.
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thursday, feb 15, 2001
it's all in the head
latrinalia: the study of restroom graffiti
"The underbelly of human culture, seeking refuge from our collective neurosis. A signpost of sorts with scattered scrawlings, framed only by borders of the mind."
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speak & spell simulator for windows
"SASS is the only known publicly available Speak & Spell simulator... a fully working simulator that faithfully reproduces most of the functions of a real-life Speak&Spell."
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the evil behind superheroes
let's start with superman...
"Kids worldwide watch this alien made God. They are being brainwashed into thinking Superman is more important than Jesus. Did Superman die for our sins? Never. Did he went to hell for us? Evil Facts about Superman: Superman could use his x-ray vision to find fornicators, homosexuals committing sinful acts in their living room; he has never done so..."
super shelldrake at 7:46 pm
umbrella do's & don'ts
i had no idea it was so complicated
this mirror does not require registration.
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wednesday, feb 14, 2001
dear visa
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the art of kissing
frequently asked questions
"Anthropologists think the custom originated in the transfer of food from mother's to baby's mouths, a kind of lip contact that adults continued. Around the world, customs differ from culture to culture, and there are some places where kissing is really bizarre."
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computer dating service
even machines should find true love
via slashdot.
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tuesday, feb 13, 2001
almighty god action figure
from the jesus christ superstore
"His is the kingdom, the power and the glory! Includes 'Kingdom-Come' Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle and 'Hallowed Cloak of Invulnerability'!"
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bong water
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monday, feb 12, 2001
pimples, burps, farts, and funnybones
your gross and cool body
"poop, gas, dandruff, sweat, zits, ear wax, digestion, circulation, and more!"
mackque at 10:55 pm
summum: no beliefs
the millennium of reconciliation has begun
"In the fall of 1975, Claude Rex Nowell began to have a series of encounters with highly intelligent beings who he now refers to as the Summa Individuals. During his encounters, he received instructions concerning the underlying principles which establish and maintain the universe."
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rocketman, designer of deluxe rocketships
the idea of space exploration drives men to great lengths
"After fifteen years in the music business as guitar tech and tour manager I found my passion, inspired by an old Electrolux that my Grandmother had given me years before and mistakenly thrown out."
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