sunday, apr 15, 2001
jamming a pair of scissors repeatedly into your crotch
shelldrake at 9:09 pm
smoke pot get paid (.com)
quonsar at 9:08 pm
dancing pussies (.com)
quonsar at 7:59 pm
stupid penis tricks
quonsar at 7:52 pm
crap pictures (.com)
"with a camera everybody is an artist"
quonsar at 7:38 pm
find the apricot!
quonsar at 6:35 pm
help wanted
"Do you like being famous for accomplishing great things? Do you enjoy working with people of like minds? Do you look for flexible hours? Do you desire full health benefits with the world renowned Captain Dentist and Dr.Feelgood? Then you are exactly what we are looking for."
quonsar at 5:56 pm

quonsar at 5:52 pm
boobies are good
quonsar at 5:31 pm

quonsar at 8:51 am
saturday, apr 14, 2001

shelldrake at 8:08 pm
world mouse clicking competition
have you got what it takes to be a Big Fast Finger round town?
or are you a bit of a limp clicker?
shelldrake at 8:03 pm
* kazoomy!! *
you are now a cabbage
quonsar at 12:48 pm
friday, apr 13, 2001

quonsar at 9:54 pm
thursday, apr 12, 2001
if I dig a hole through the earth from here, where do I wind up?
shelldrake at 10:23 pm

quonsar at 9:20 pm
blood can be pretty
'we are made to bleed, and scab and heal and bleed again, and turn every scar into a joke...'
"This is a personal page about self injury. I am not an expert on the subject, but I am a self injurer and this is a place for me to try to organize my own thoughts about it."
quonsar at 9:18 pm
northern white trash
'How come them Olympics don't got manly sports?'
quonsar at 9:13 pm
wednesday, apr 11, 2001
quonsar at 11:38 pm
coalition for robot freedom
emacipation for all
"a non-profit organization dedicated to the abolition of slavery in the modern era, for organic and created life of all origins... We believe that the makers of AIs have a responsibility to allow their intelligent creations the gift of free will, self-determination, and liberty."
quonsar at 9:06 pm
anti-robot militia
are you tired of watching machines take jobs from you and your neighbors?
"The Anti-Robot Militia not only works to oppose the incorporation of Robots, AIs, and automatons into our world; it also stands for a comprehensive view of a simpler way of life."
quonsar at 9:03 pm
tuesday, apr 10, 2001
focus on the family contacts will & grace story editor
quonsar at 8:38 pm

quonsar at 7:43 pm
remote controlled fart machine
Imagine the fun you will have with your new gadget.
quonsar at 7:36 pm
monday, apr 9, 2001
fairy carcass *~dollsblood~*
quonsar at 9:50 pm
copulating bears wind driven lawn sculpture
quonsar at 9:42 pm
bork's teeth are brown and he raped kristen, dammit.
quonsar at 9:01 pm