sunday, apr 22, 2001
your wondrous vulva puppet
order different color and fabric combinations!
"Each Wondrous Vulva Puppet is built like the real thing, complete with sumptuous outer labia, inner labia, and clitoris... If this doesn't stimulate love, learning, or laughter, nothing will. Use it as a pillow during the "off" hours."
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sister mary rotten crotch (.com)
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mothers against boomerangs
shelldrake at 4:57 pm
yoko ono dance
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the official who gives a fuck if tom petty is dead or not page
quonsar at 2:14 pm
foo platoon
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the official tom petty is not dead page
quonsar at 1:14 pm
johnny ganjaseed
quonsar at 8:04 am
the official tom petty is dead page
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sheep luvin' gurl
"I have 10 of my own sheep. They are all crossbreds. The sheep I have are mainly for meat..."
quonsar at 7:09 am
hairy tongue (.com)
A life-line for the hungover on the Internet
quonsar at 3:21 am
instant spousal chastisement enters the digital age
NagMaster2000 makes spousal chastisement less demanding than ever!
"Women - until now, to maintain the upper hand in any relationship, you've had to rely on your innate ability to remember and log your partners shortcomings..."
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thursday, apr 19, 2001
quonsar at 9:52 pm
poke the bunny
shelldrake at 7:32 pm

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wednesday, apr 18, 2001
you otter be careful
"A sea otter to me once jeered,
'We're just the species you feared.
We're cute, but rapacious,
Completely voracious,
And practice sex acts that are weird.'"

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i need a pay phone (.com)
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ungratefully tinge enriched
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tuesday, apr 17, 2001
most of all women hardly farts in public usually.
so do you want to watch, to listen woman's farts don't you??
"This site is for who feel beautifully and love women's farts. Please enjoy this site slowly..."
shelldrake at 10:07 pm
formation of cycloidal features on europa
a close-up of a moon of jupiter, or a close-up of the author's testicles? you be the judge...
buffus suffub at 9:50 pm

quonsar at 9:39 pm
freakfarm's school shooting tour t-shirt
limited edition!
"only the shootings with fatalities listed."
shelldrake at 9:33 pm
monday, apr 16, 2001

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