sunday, jun 3, 2001

shelldrake at 8:27 pm
mr. methane (.com)
the world's only performing flatulist
"anal madness from the man with the rumbling ring"
quonsar at 7:43 pm
confederate fag
quonsar at 6:59 pm
skunks as pets (.com)
quonsar at 4:03 pm
gum wrapper (.com)
rixport at 3:47 pm
acorn penal-ware™ suicide resistant lav/toilet combo
quonsar at 3:26 pm
wooley boogers
rixport at 1:51 pm

quonsar at 12:21 pm
i pick my nose (.com)
quonsar at 4:32 am
guns for kids (.com)
a lifetime of fun guaranteed
quonsar at 2:50 am
robot girls
quonsar at 2:30 am
nigerian dwarf goat information
"Give goats lots of loving. They are very friendly animals."
shelldrake at 1:56 am
saturday, jun 2, 2001
envelope x-ray spray
"Envelope X-RAY Spray turns opaque paper temporarily translucent, allowing the user to view the contents of an envelope without ever opening it. Not to be used on U.S. Mail, except by, or with the express permission of, the addressee."
quonsar at 2:46 pm

quonsar at 2:16 pm
dolls gone wild!
these fully bendable babes are ready to play
"Come party with some REAL daring dolls! Our cameras captured tons of titillating toy action! But there's no silicon here, folks--this is REAL plastic!"
quonsar at 2:09 pm
bulldog c-sections
quonsar at 2:04 pm
thursday, may 31, 2001

quonsar at 10:38 pm
talking beer opener (.com)
quonsar at 10:30 pm
andy milonakis - child actor
emotive range: simply astounding
"I can't get because it costed some money so I got this on geocities. I will present to you with this website alot of my different faces that I can do when i'm being an actor, I will explain what the face does and what the moment is that I use these faces and then you will email me and tell me that it's good, I know it's good, I hate to be cocky but I need a positive attitude about myself and my faces if I went to go someplace in this business."
quonsar at 10:27 pm
wednesday, may 30, 2001

quonsar at 9:18 pm
martini drinking man
riveting web entertainment
don't miss the fish.
quonsar at 9:08 pm
the payphone project
quonsar at 9:01 pm
meet the pan man
member of the cast iron cookware association
the pan man has assembled one of the finest collections of Iron Muffin Pans in the nation. and now you know.
quonsar at 8:51 pm
tuesday, may 29, 2001

shelldrake at 9:21 pm

quonsar at 8:49 pm
cooking in the 21st century
That's right, Timmy...
" cooked by heating elements and microwaves just doesn't taste very good does it? That's because these things keep the electricity from bringing out the true wholesome goodness of your food. In the twenty-first century your kitchen stove will hook up directly to the utility company's high voltage lines. It will be incredibly dangerous, but that is the price we must pay for really tasty food!"
quonsar at 8:48 pm
penile pump implant: watch the surgery
quonsar at 8:35 pm
monday, may 28, 2001
citizens united against football
People don't kill people: footballs kill people
"In 1999 15 high school football players died during regular season and playoff games. This is equal to deaths caused by school shootings, as reported by the CDC and NSSC for two different school years."
quonsar at 1:34 pm

My name is Robbie
and my anti-drug
is having sex with
my sister Mary."

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quonsar at 11:48 am
she won't leave you now!
Just keep your girl on a leash
"We all know how difficult it is to keep that special girl in your life. It seems that whenever you think you have a strong relationship with commitment, you get walked all over. Other men, other women, even electronic devices, can tear away that one thing that matters!"
quonsar at 11:42 am
bible ufo (.com)
the true nature of the gods of the bible
"a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters, futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological character of the race of supreme beings known as the Elohiym"
quonsar at 11:32 am