sunday, jun 10, 2001
26 photographs of a woman holding various pony tails
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adam rill's globes
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modern internet technology has advanced to the point that we can reliably monitor the amount of wood a woodchuck chucks in real time
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win free steaks
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stupid product warnings
shelldrake at 8:04 pm
friday, jun 8, 2001
dr. dandruff (.com)
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"During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I was riding the pogostick."
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rapture me (.com)
rapture ready
"The rapture is going to strike without warning. The rapture is going to happen suddenly. The rapture is going to be one of the most astonishing events to ever occur."
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payne philburn's jamaican web tan
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cop faces incivility charges in drug raid wind breaking incident
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thursday, jun 7, 2001

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the bolshevicks revolution has started. you are no longer needed. go away, the last strand was cut.
quonsar at 9:48 pm
a belarus bride
for men who are serious about finding a beautiful Russian wife
"We also provide support services for you after you have found your woman."
yah, but is it toll-free support?
shelldrake at 9:13 pm
help wanted
quonsar at 8:26 pm
are you ready to get bent?
forkbending and crooked cutlery.
quonsar at 8:24 pm
designer barfbags
quonsar at 8:19 pm
toke me out to the ball game
shelldrake at 8:19 pm
email to sheriff thwarts big sex party
shelldrake at 8:17 pm

shelldrake at 8:16 pm
sex in space prohibited
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wednesday, jun 6, 2001

shelldrake at 10:15 pm
host an orgy
The best party you will ever throw!
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why cows have legs
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a revolutionary product designed for the mass consumer
"Never have you had to pay so much for so little! Your life will change forever when you buy Brano®. Our scientists have researched for over thirty years to design the ultimate product for the brainless, twenty first century, mass consumption, mass media consumer base. Try Brano® and you'll agree: 'I've tried Brano®.'"
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monday, jun 4, 2001
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