sunday, jul 1, 2001

rixport at 9:14 pm
bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen
shelldrake at 9:10 pm
the willamette 200 world championship rotary tiller race
Highlight of the PurpleHull Pea Festival
"Souped-up garden tillers from near and far come to compete in the world's premiere tiller racing event. There's also a 'stock tiller' division for those who'd like to till their garden that morning, then compete later that afternoon."
shelldrake at 9:04 pm

furby's new friend is a bearded clam.
shelldrake at 8:55 pm
el chupacabra (.com)
means 'the goatsucker' in spanish
"Named because of the way it sucked all the blood from Puerto Rican goats, the Chupacabra... has reportedly attacked and devoured the blood of a wide variety of animals including dogs and sheep."
quonsar at 6:37 pm
when you have a she-nis, you don't need to use the she-inal.
quonsar at 5:50 pm
rixportronic at 5:15 pm
goat of the week
and, of course, the goat of the week before that.
rixport at 4:51 pm
crude greetings (.com)
when you care enough to offend
blort-o-matic brainfart at 4:45 pm

click me. or i'll claw these tits off.
quonsar at 4:43 pm
friday, jun 29, 2001
attention: you are entering goat territory
helping improve the global status of the GOAT MARKET
rixport at 5:49 pm

we linked to the eezeewee™ back in october, and the travelmate™ in january. it is with great pride that blort continues to 'stand' for women's rights by bringing you the p-mate©.
quonsar at 5:41 pm
thursday, jun 28, 2001

quonsar at 10:02 pm

Panties are for gals
MANties are for guys.
quonsar at 7:23 pm
I am pleased to announce that God has entrusted me with His Gospel by sending me to preach the Word at the mission field of that unholy sacrifice which writhes upon the altar of Molech which is also known as the Internet.
quonsar at 7:07 pm
senior swingers (.com)
quonsar at 7:03 pm

why are these people so happy?
because they're watching funeral-cast!
quonsar at 6:56 pm
world's smallest basketball team
quonsar at 6:01 pm
tuesday, jun 26, 2001
roger's profanisaurus
quonsar at 9:49 pm
tales of near-sex experiences
"They say the average person spends almost 3 months of his or her life having sex. is dedicated to chronicling the other 72 3/4 years."
quonsar at 9:35 pm
the page you are looking for is currently too stupid.
quonsar at 9:26 pm
belly builders (.com)
"BellyBuilders is an online community for guys who have, love or want a larger belly, and for anyone who appreciates these things in a guy."
quonsar at 9:18 pm

you don't eat like a SISSY why CLEAN YOUR COLON like one?
"it is estimated that the average person has between 3 and 8 undigested meals in his or her colon at any given time. be CAREFUL, the next time someone tells you you're full of crap... they may be right."
quonsar at 8:32 pm
monday, jun 25, 2001

quonsar at 10:58 pm
paxton quigley's superbra™
ultimate concealment with instant access!
"Close your blouse or sweater over a SuperBra™. Your gun stays with you when abducted or fleeing..."
quonsar at 10:50 pm
sphincter and the juice police
are you worthy?
shelldrake at 10:17 pm
online cheese comparator
quonsar at 10:14 pm