sunday, jul 29, 2001

quonsar at 10:50 pm
explosion of the week
something new to blow up weekly
shelldrake at 9:37 pm
a spiffy little index of quonsar's personality disorders! be very afraid!
Borderline:Very High
Narcissistic:Very High
Avoidant:Very High

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quonsar at 8:55 pm

cut off my feet (.com)
quonsar at 7:31 pm
vulva amulets
"Even as late as the middle ages, carvings of a thin, impishly smiling woman holding open her enormous vulva with both hands were placed at the doorways to Irish Catholic churches, so that all who entered might touch the sacred vulva and be blessed thereby."
quonsar at 7:17 pm
vagina dentata
the classic symbol of men's fear of sex
"Frued said, 'Probably no male human being is spared the terrifying shock of threatened castration at the sight of female genitals.'"
quonsar at 7:13 pm
utah bikini team (.com)
quonsar at 7:08 pm
sensible erection (.com)
quonsar at 7:06 pm
thursday, jul 26, 2001
the secret life of bea arthur
what they never wanted you to know...
"For over fifteen years, NBC has been trying to cover up the truth about Bea Arthur and her career as one of the Golden Girls, but now the story is finally out. And you can read it only here."
shelldrake at 11:08 pm

children, god, and usda grade a beef
quonsar at 10:25 pm
1st church of pacman
warning! not a religion. do not worship.
"O Pac-Man, glutton divine, Thy roundness is exceeded only by thy yellowness. Thou takest away the barriers in the maze of life, Thou makest fruit to appear before me, Thou turnest my enemies blue. I humbly offer this quarter unto thee As a symbol of my sacrifice, And stuff."
shelldrake at 10:17 pm
tv dinners
quonsar at 10:10 pm
the easy quiz controller
quonsar at 10:05 pm
paul's foreskin restoration diary
"Foreskin restoration is usually done by keeping the skin under moderate tension for an extended period of time, often using tape and elastic."
quonsar at 10:01 pm
the snake king
Poet, Musician . . . God?
quonsar at 9:59 pm
wednesday, jul 25, 2001
prawn cock
quonsar at 11:37 pm

rixport at 9:13 pm
quonsar at 9:11 pm
eat your fruits and veggies
quonsar at 9:07 pm
tuesday, jul 24, 2001
do you smell what THE MOUNTAIN DEWSTER! is cooking?!!!!
quonsar at 11:41 pm
psychedelic republicans
quonsar at 9:46 pm
extreme ironing (.com)
taking ironing to the edge
"extreme ironing - the danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt."
quonsar at 9:24 pm
cowbell project
quonsar at 9:01 pm
hoe hater (.com)
quonsar at 8:54 pm

quonsar at 6:12 pm
yin temple ov yang
balance your anger. anger your balance.
quonsar at 6:06 pm
i bleed for this?
a pit of bile and vomit which I like to call home
"This won't be a little onramp onto the 20,000 highspeed lanes carrying net excrement into Al Gore's asshole. This page Bleeds for morons like you, and no matter how hard you laugh with or at it, you will *never* get it."
quonsar at 6:02 pm
the world's only ass-kicking machine
shelldrake at 5:53 pm
monday, jul 23, 2001
autopsy video (.com)
quonsar at 9:36 pm

our lady of toast
quonsar at 9:30 pm
mooselessness, meet talking moose. now cuddle up and watch some mooseporn on the moosecam.
quonsar at 9:08 pm

gonads & strife
quonsar at 1:12 pm