sunday, aug 5, 2001
quonsar at 8:38 pm
vampire condoms (.com)
because vampires always get invited inside
quonsar at 8:11 pm
quonsar at 8:06 pm
former child star central
so are these kids cursed, or what?
"your leading source for news, info and the assorted sad/happy/weird items that make the study of ex-kid stars a gothic pursuit."
quonsar at 6:32 pm
i never thought i'd be giving an orangutan a hand job every morning.
quonsar at 5:17 pm

advanced sanitary CPR dog
quonsar at 3:19 pm
#1 leader in magick technology and radionics
Technologies that use Life Force and Structural Links
"Get Assured Success Faster and Easier! Results are More Effective and Far Reaching than ever Before! Just turn the dial and go! Find out how magick works and about new magickal Technology!"
quonsar at 3:09 pm

who wouldn't want something called naked herbal well-being?
shelldrake at 2:58 pm

quonsar at 2:17 pm
dwarf sex (.com)
quonsar at 2:03 pm
hello miserable fellow human slugs
quonsar at 1:18 pm
thursday, aug 2, 2001
potty putter
quonsar at 11:11 pm
you are an idiot.
quonsar at 10:47 pm
oh. god. yes. harder.
quonsar at 10:43 pm
wednesday, aug 1, 2001

quonsar at 11:51 pm
virtual voodoo doll
"have fun torturing the doll as you see fit."
quonsar at 11:47 pm
man eater
quonsar at 10:43 pm
corpse of the week (.com)
come for the corpses, stay for the pie!
quonsar at 10:04 pm
sponsor my melon (.com)
head-based advertising
"Are you tired of paying for billboards that can only reach the audience that passes it? How about an ad that can go anywhere and been seen by anyone at eye level?"
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quonsar at 9:08 pm
soviet calculators
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quonsar at 8:42 pm

hi my name is blow. i'm a giant squid.
quonsar at 8:22 pm
the barenaked ladies and kraft dinner page and my kraft dinner page are fascinating waystations on the kraft dinner worship webring. it's the cheesiest (.com)!
quonsar at 7:59 pm
walking bitch's white trash diner
looks better than a pork chop
quonsar at 7:13 pm
greetings to extraterrestrial intelligence
if you originated in some other place in the universe, we welcome you here.
"we realize that you could be present here in the form of an extraordinarily advanced interstellar probe or alien robot or superintelligence. Or you could be a biological flesh-and-blood being. Or some combination of the two."
quonsar at 6:54 pm
all-time best of the worst country song titles
quonsar at 6:41 pm
the marriage bed (.com)
quonsar at 6:37 pm
cruisin' for christ
it all began with an old truck.
"God gave me a vision to customize a 1966 Chevy Truck to use as a ministry tool."
quonsar at 6:31 pm
hello with you all and welcome in august the last month of the holidays then I would make like all the others and I will go worked in a job of shit.
quonsar at 8:36 am
tuesday, jul 31, 2001

quonsar at 9:49 pm
smoking hunks (.com)
quonsar at 9:44 pm
heBrew. the chosen beer.
quonsar at 8:34 pm
heeb magazine (.com)
'the new jew review'
"a Carnival cruise to the Garden of Eden with all-you-can-eat cheesecake and Parliament as the house band."
quonsar at 8:21 pm
rabbinical school dropouts
quonsar at 8:17 pm
biological unhappiness (.com)
quonsar at 8:14 pm
the quest for dibble bain
let history be his judge.
quonsar at 8:11 pm

quonsar at 7:39 pm
human for sale (.com)
how much $$$$$ are you worth?
"Have you been thinking about putting yourself up for sale lately? Ever wonder how much money you could get on the open human market?"
quonsar at 4:36 pm
jesus the hot air balloon
quite simply the biggest Gadget for God we've ever seen
"He's 110 feet tall and has hands 20 feet long. He weighs over 750lbs and is filled with 258,000 cubic feet of air. It took 13 weeks to sew him together."
quonsar at 10:56 am
this page cannot be displayed (.com)
quonsar at 10:49 am
mommy, what is butch doing to that other boy dog?
quonsar at 10:20 am
monday, jul 30, 2001
slow porn (.com)
shelldrake at 11:21 pm
orange man with erection
quonsar at 10:03 pm

quonsar at 8:08 pm
wipe away your heartache
"Express your true feelings about your ex-lover, ex-spouse or ex-boss with customized new X-Wipes™. Just send us any photo and we'll emboss it onto the sheets of soft and highly absorbant rolls of quality bathroom tissue."
quonsar at 8:06 pm
how to dance gothic
"You went out to your local goth club in your black velvet frock coat, your hair teased up bigger and rattier than Edward Scissorhands', and lace dripping from your wrists and throat. You looked fabulous. But as soon as you got on the dance floor, everyone started laughing."
quonsar at 8:01 pm
mary and erik
gag me. with a shop-vac.
quonsar at 7:40 pm
otto roboto
quonsar at 7:29 pm
how to cook a person the aztec way
preparing a human for dinner
quonsar at 7:27 pm
jet powered beer cooler
a shed, a warm beer and a home made jet engine
shelldrake at 7:24 pm