sunday, aug 12, 2001
silver smiles (.com)
quonsar at 11:05 pm
what bird did that?
the art of ornithological dejecta
birdshit. is it art, or is it...birdshit?
quonsar at 11:01 pm
welcome to sibson airfield, peterborough
"Sibson is a small licensed airfield located at Peterborough, two miles off the A1 near Wansford. If you want to have go call the control tower on (01832) 280 289 and talk to Patrick."
quonsar at 9:48 pm
big nose appreciation

quonsar at 9:06 pm
sfn music (.com)
music to surf blort by
quonsar's personal favorite is burning down the trailer park.
rixport at 8:21 pm
me and the high bypass turbo-fan pig
quonsar at 6:56 pm
what you should do if a neighbor says he'll let you feed his animals if you'll let him touch your private parts

quonsar at 1:56 am
all I want is a few coins to buy a big bag of bud
quonsar at 1:40 am
earl’s tv and appliance repair web site extravaganza supreme deluxe presents earl's special 16x9 enhanced cinemonscope panerific deluxe anamorphic widescreen glasses
quonsar at 1:29 am
thursday, aug 9, 2001
extreme elvis (.com)
quonsar at 7:04 am
i saw jesus at the beach.
quonsar at 6:44 am

grow medicine (.com)
quonsar at 12:37 am
wednesday, aug 8, 2001
holy steps orthopedic insoles
enclosed soil in each product came from the Garden of Gethsemani
"Simply place in your shoe, soil side up and be one step closer to God!"
quonsar at 11:57 pm
panty condom
quonsar at 10:49 pm
meepzorp records
quonsar at 10:42 pm


quonsar at 10:23 pm
incremental mature garbage collection using the train algorithm
quonsar at 9:55 pm
rocket guy (.com)

Takeoff scheduled for May 2002!
"Due to increased demands on Rocket Guy's time by the media the launch will be delayed until May 2002."
quonsar at 9:04 pm
crazy jet powered vehicles
"Ever since the invention of the jet engine, people have been working hard to prove that they are crazier than those who came before them by strapping these devices to all manner of vehicles... Normally powered by a small 2 cylinder engine with just 36 horsepower, this tiny Honda Z car from New Zealand has been retrofitted with JFS100 gas-turbine engine from which the power-turbine and gearbox has been removed and replaced with a thrust nozzle."
quonsar at 8:35 pm
over the top japanese reality tv
"NTV producers have obviously never heard of the Geneva Convention. If they had, they wouldn't have treated poor Nasubi the way they did. They wouldn't have stripped him naked and shut him in an apartment, alone with no food, furniture, household goods, or entertainment. They wouldn't have kept him there for over a year until he had won $10,000 in prizes by sending in postcards to contests. They wouldn't have cut him off from the world and they would have told him that he was on nation-wide TV."
quonsar at 8:13 pm
al sharpton (.com)
love that second page, bro.
quonsar at 6:01 pm
tuesday, aug 7, 2001
cathode ray nipple gives me a sensible erection
quonsar at 8:56 pm

quonsar at 8:51 pm
eat bug (.com)
edible insects
"more than you ever wanted to know about eating bugs."
quonsar at 8:48 pm
the great roach bug preservation society
"What about the individual feelings of a roach bug itself? The suffering it endures from our poisons. The pain it must feel from being crushed. The trauma they must experience each time a good portion of its colony is wiped out at the hand of man, the huge, powerful enemy of roach bug civilization. Roach bugs have feelings too!"
quonsar at 8:46 pm

beat on the brat with a baseball bat
quonsar at 8:31 pm
mackque's back yard cam
minutes of fun for basically nobody
"Through the wonder of the world wide web, digital imaging, magic healing magnets, and quirky off the shelf software you can now actually watch mackque's back yard LIVE from the comfort of your home or office."
quonsar at 8:20 pm
continental drift cam
decades of fun for the easily amused
"Through the wonder of the world wide web, digital imaging, plate tectonics and quirky homemade software you can now actually watch the continents drift LIVE from the comfort of your home or office."
quonsar at 8:11 pm
a comprehensive color photo atlas of dentistry by dr. jeffrey dorfman
dr. dorfman (.com)
"It is important to determine what teeth, if any, may be saved at least temporarily."
quonsar at 7:51 pm
kegs. women. refrigerators. yale.
quonsar at 7:41 pm
anti chiu's instant death device is the perfect companion for alex chiu's eternal life device. collect them both!
quonsar at 7:35 pm
ron the music maker (.org)
l ron hubbard - con man as musician
bet his music sucks as much as his religion.
quonsar at 7:30 pm
kick box the queen (.com)
quonsar at 7:23 pm
the great used panty menace
quonsar at 7:21 pm
my cat stole my pantyhose
quonsar at 7:20 pm
monday, aug 6, 2001

quonsar at 10:16 pm
bunny and sheep
shelldrake at 10:08 pm
quonsar at 7:22 pm
nut sack dance (.com)
quonsar at 7:15 pm
cat dog pet kid nerd news spam bitch asshole of the day (.com)
quonsar at 7:13 pm
jerking (.com)
quonsar at 6:43 pm
baby mop
quonsar at 4:43 pm
young bull: "let's run down and fuck one of those cows."
old bull: "no son, lets walk down, and fuck them all."

quonsar at 4:11 pm
bembo's zoo
quonsar at 3:55 pm
dirty rotten gangster hoods
quonsar at 3:43 pm
human clock (.com)
quonsar at 3:17 pm
n8's toilet
all your poop are belong to us
quonsar at 1:45 pm
the menstrual hut
"Always wanted to see used pads on the Internet, but didn't know where to find them?"
quonsar at 1:30 pm

blood fighting dolls
quonsar at 1:14 pm