sunday, sep 2, 2001
stairway to gilligan
shelldrake at 11:21 pm
quonsar at 11:07 pm
bigfoot field researchers organization

quonsar at 11:03 pm
the gallery: modern moist towelette collecting
"a showcase for some of the fine moist towelettes in MMTC's private collection."
quonsar at 10:59 pm
complex bullshit (.com)
quonsar at 10:53 pm

meet your meat!
ya gotta love peta...
quonsar at 9:18 pm
rare borg (.com)
Type-ex2 Reona
"Super Delux Model"
quonsar at 9:07 pm
sunday! sunday! sunday! come see the car crushing high hopping free styling soul saving action!

quonsar at 8:58 pm

quonsar at 8:13 pm
breast feeding doll
quonsar at 8:08 pm
i touch myself
quonsar at 3:44 pm
amazing gravitron, hover boards, mystery anti-gravity device, levitator, books, plans, kits!

quonsar at 3:41 pm
flatsy page (.com)
quonsar at 3:23 pm
cybernude (.com)
surf nude
quonsar at 3:13 pm
let's run around naked
quonsar at 3:08 pm
these children all died horribly.
i killed them myself.

quonsar at 2:57 pm
sovereign society of atlantys
"Welcome to the first Sovereign Jurisdiction in Cyberspace of the 21st century. These are exciting times and since our announcement of Sovereignty on the 1st of January, 2001, we are looking forward to the growth of our new eEconomy. That was not spelled wrong folks, we meant eEconomy and you guessed it, it stands for electronic economy."
quonsar at 2:25 pm
eating over toilet
quonsar at 2:24 pm

quonsar at 2:05 pm
toilet man-eating monster
quonsar at 1:58 pm
wheelchair line dancing
quonsar at 1:48 pm
quiet stones (.com)
quonsar at 1:45 pm
did you know that god has beautician angels?
...and other minor miracles
quonsar at 1:40 pm

goat fun
quonsar at 1:25 pm
the church of gid
a better belief system
"The Word of Gid is the word 'fast'... Many phrases can be constructed with this truly versatile utterance, such as fast track, fast forward and pull a fast one. Gid encourages you to invent your own adaptations. He will give a prize to anybody who can incorporate the word oatmeal with His Glorious Word. 'Oatmeal is fast to cook' has been ruled out, as He believes oatmeal is a challenging and complex dish."
quonsar at 12:57 pm

shelldrake at 12:46 pm
medical marijuana barbie
quonsar at 12:39 pm
my smooth and very sweet transformation into tanya

quonsar at 12:37 pm
thursday, aug 30, 2001
in the perfect sphere of one bubble the beauty of the entire universe is celebrated and contained.
quonsar at 4:44 pm
wednesday, aug 29, 2001
quonsar at 8:29 pm
piss drinkers for jesus
Rivers of living water shall flow from your bellies. - John 7:38
"For many years I thought that eating from the tree of life, meant reabsorbing your own seed, but then I heard a voice in my head suggest that urine, too, is also fruit from the tree of life."
quonsar at 7:19 pm
chillin' woman
quonsar at 4:10 pm
samurai pizza (.com)
would you like some ninja burger (.com) with that?
quonsar at 3:59 pm
win toilet paper (.com)
quonsar at 3:52 pm
poo god
quonsar at 3:45 pm

quonsar at 1:58 pm
ladies against women
quonsar at 1:39 pm
cast out demon demons deliverance addict illness alcoholic christian demonic attack religion religious smoking gluttony porno alcohol drugs bill mcginnis ministry
quonsar at 11:00 am
save yourself forever (.com)
quonsar at 9:05 am
how do i know i'm being abused?
quonsar at 8:57 am
religion in the news
quonsar at 8:51 am
one million hours - free!
quonsar at 8:47 am
tuesday, aug 28, 2001

bumblebee man on a pogo stick
quonsar at 11:27 pm
may an infectious disease gnaw at your manly part.
quonsar at 11:13 pm
chops from hell (.com)
quonsar at 11:00 pm
the only duck swimming about on a pond sort of software you'll ever need
quonsar at 8:42 am
monday, aug 27, 2001
hammer timehawking dancehitler dance
shelldrake & quonsar at 10:42 pm
understanding your bird’s droppings could save your bird’s life
quonsar at 9:56 pm
all look same? (.com)
quonsar at 9:40 pm
what would jesús do?
"Well, I tried to track down Jesus but couldn't get a hold of Him... How am I to know what He would do if I can't find Him anywhere? So I went to the next best authority -- one Jesús Miguel Gonzalez, a tough Mexican gangbanger who lives in a local barrio known as Casa Blanca."
quonsar at 9:27 pm
cat heads
quonsar at 9:18 pm
nude suit (.com)
quonsar at 8:53 pm
there is no cause for alarm. this material is intended for the purpose of information conveyance pursuant to the sewer reclamation and public notice act of 1968
quonsar at 1:18 pm
venus fatshadow
quonsar at 1:07 pm
zinc in space
a man loses a day's supply of zinc in each ejaculation. aren't you glad we don't live in a world without zinc?
quonsar at 9:43 am
the page that says fuck off
quonsar at 9:04 am
deer in headlights (.com)
quonsar at 8:52 am
we made out in a tree and this old guy sat and watched us (.com)
quonsar at 8:50 am