sunday, sep 16, 2001
they are not very nice insects. they are a little bit smelly, and there's something about the way they move their antennae. but they look nicer when you put a little circuit on their backs and remove their wings.

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world trade center collapse (.com)
a travel company on staten island?
guided tours of the rubble?
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cross your legs and cringe
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hetty pegler's tump

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the new jersey agricultural weed gallery
"a collection of photos and descriptions of agricultural weeds found in New Jersey."
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freak watchers textbook
"an online resource for identifying the freaks of royal oak, michigan."
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wake up america! god is trying to tell you something!
an important message from holy sister love
"This message was received from the Lord, through a message in tongues by the Holy Ghost, as spoken through Sister Ida Mae Gore, and interpreted by Brother Buddy Lee Higgenbothom during Tuesday's Prayer, Foot-Washing, Snake Handling, and Cyanide Drinking Service at The Full Gospel Fire Baptized Pentecostal Holiness Church of God in Christ With Signs Following in Cracker Hollow, Kentucky."
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saturday, sep 15, 2001

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free virtual bong hit
yeah, the 1st hit is always free...
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everlasting slip bobbers
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everlasting love
everlasting candle
everlasting tattoo
everlasting stone
everlasting valve
everlasting florals by diane
everlasting pet memorial
everlasting herb farm
everlasting blort
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friday, sep 14, 2001

how did helen keller burn her ear?

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human cloning will make terrorist attacks inefficient and will allow the judgment of the perpetrators
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cipher (see i power her) consciousness
Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths
"The Poor Righteous Teachers that show and prove living Mathematics and that teach Knowledge and Wisdom to All of the human families on the planet Earth in order to civilize the un civil eyes (uncivilized) I come in the name of I Master Allah Self Savior Universe."
submitted by reverend roy at 11:11 am
thursday, sep 13, 2001

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just rubbers (.com)
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disjoined since womb extraction, then kept apart all their lives, so they never realize they're siblings who have coincidentally both become famous
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utopia traylerpark
quonsar at 7:21 pm
why this layman believes that reformed soteriology is truer than its arminian counterpart
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nail 'im up!
born too late to help crucify jesus?
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come clean, go out filthy

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wednesday, sep 12, 2001
battered husbands (.com)
"dedicated to the discussion of the of horror stories about your wives."
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lost, forgotten guestbooks and message threads
pot calls kettle black.
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the gir-f'nfk  
i think it's quite fiz^ern~ik, myself.
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baby photo retouch (.com)
bereaved parents: recover a little bit of what was lost
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master sarge (.com)
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corral. hombre. trigger. wrangler. taming even the wildest terrains.
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next time, don't tease the dog
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wtc to be be rebuilt in a modified configuration
sends clear message to terrorists
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windows on the world (.com)
but not any more...
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tuesday, sep 11, 2001
2nd Jet Hits 2nd WTC Tower

Towers Collapse Into The Streets

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monday, sep 10, 2001
apartment horrors
is your apartment killing you?
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gay robots
shelldrakus™ at 10:56 pm
learn another language
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teenscene: the facts about life
the truth about drugs, sex and the environment
"Parents note: We are not medically trained or qualified experts, but we like talking dirty to kids."
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microsoft and the bavarian illuminati
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skipsilver quantumgodsite
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keith and karl

mime ministries
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beasts in your back yard
what dinosaurs lived in your 'hood?
my neighbors still look like this.
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make your pet feel stylish and sophisticated
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in the chimney of intention the sheets trick
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some unusual sumo photos  
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