sunday, oct 7, 2001
hello this is god speaking here i am i created the universe
i am cornholio. i need some t.p. for my bunghole
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new york defender
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images of burned out motor vehicles discovered in and around the garnock valley, nth ayrshire, scotland.

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your escape from reality
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afghani fighter kites
u.s. air force beware!
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a wizard, a wanderer, a grinning meatloaf
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ultra hal
rixpooter™ at 11:00 am
adding and subtracting
Ryan and Dave are the most unique identical twins you'll ever meet. After tiring of piercing, tattoos, and implants about three years ago, they began exploring much heavier surgical modifications... he and his twin brother have changed themselves in ways far beyond anything anyone else has ever attempted."

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i also made a marzipan voodoo effigy of the fonze while I was in coma after smoking some peruvian prayer hash, but who at the end of the day can honestly say they haven't done that?
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friday, oct 5, 2001

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christian wicca (.com)
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thursday, oct 4, 2001

boy,11, has magnetic powers, just like grandpa
"I don’t have to concentrate hard, they (the metal objects) just stick on me."
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everybody on the bus
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flossing the purple smurfy eel
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cat turds, road kill and butt stink
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weeping elvis cries tears of blood  

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a man and his rat
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crack whore diet
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hip hop for honkies
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the abe vigoda staring contest
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the consumption of alcohol may make you think you can logically converse with the opposite sex without spitting
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exit sign coloration - an analysis of geographical distribution
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voyage to the bottom of the sea
i can still hear that sonar ping in my sleep
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the oj simpson trial
as told by dr. seuss
"i did not kill my lovely wife.
i did not slash her with a knife.
i did not bonk her on the head.
i did not know that she was dead."

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post-natal abortion
safest method of family planning ever devised
"we believe that post-natal abortion should only be applied in cases where the product of conception is 'unviable'. viability generally accompanies the product getting a job, establishing credit, moving away from home..."
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wednesday, oct 3, 2001
chiff and fipple (.com)
the poststructural tinwhistle internet community
"No representation is made here that Chiff & Fipple's services are superior to any other legal services or tinwhistle Internet information services. We are not attorneys... Some shrinkage is normal... This fine print is intended to be read and not misused in anyway. Reading of fine print may cause eyestrain... Take a quick trip to the beach or a vacation and your eyes will clear up right away. Chiff & Fipple offers that advice as a service to our readers. We are not professional vacation advisors, nor are we licensed travel agents. Regarding our warning about eyestrain: We are not eye-care professionals, nor do we aspire to be. We do, however, aspire to be veterinary endocrinologists and part-time ballerinas."
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one year ago this week on blort:
mike the headless wonder chicken  
self indulgence is a beautiful thing.
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never let 'em see your ass sweat
an all new, improved cleft® now with yummy flash goodness!

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wtc horoscope
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what is jetlag, who gets jetlag, countering jetlag with no-jet-lag®
the jet lag watch™ to help beat jet lag
the jet lag eliminator
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in case you ever need a lawyer in tanzania
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baby boomers ripped me off
where are my robots?
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the proven dangers of microwaves
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tuesday, oct 2, 2001

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few in washington want to admit it, but these islamic fanatics have baited us into a holy war. and like it or not, we'll have to use their religion against them to win.
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coke machine accidents (.com)
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the ultimate gay and lesbian cars
which cars are the ultimate gay or lesbian cars of all time?
shelldrake at 7:16 pm

we must wage war on heaven
we must engage the force that has attacked us
"On September 11th, 2001, when suicidal non-Christians piloted commercial jetliners into the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, they were not acting under their own free will or even that of a distant terroristic mastermind. They were merely pawns in a chessgame being played against America by God Almighty Himself."
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cock flavored soup mix
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osama dance
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explore space not drugs (.com)
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monday, oct 1, 2001

where the rubber meets the road
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tastes like chicken (.com)
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feels so good
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matt investment co.
building products for a better 'tomarrow'
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frontier psychiatrist
insane music video! (windows media or realplayer)
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empty tomb (.org)
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adult christianity: for christ's sake
defending the rights of the unborn-again
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xians among us
quonsar at 6:46 pm
bin laden feels the sting of the java applet
you just know he phears our photoshop skillz too.
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every inch of indian manhood to be measured
and you thought the u.s. census was annoying?
they are going to need a lot of these.
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