sunday, oct 21, 2001

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shelldrake at 10:17 pm

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convince imaginary whores your face is a shop with this clever head-mounted disguise
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"Wherever you look, there they are. Tiny illusory whores, striding around in thier cheap clothes, soaked head to toe in sick perfumes, plying thier shameful miniature trade in the most insulting manner possible. Clearly they must be stopped - and here's how."
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you need to know that the world trade center attack was orchestrated by demons, and those demons have launched an all-out attack on our country
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body by prayer™ - christian witnesswear™
"For bodily exercise profits little: but godliness is profitable unto all things."
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ancient browser emulator
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foundation for fundamental dactylogical reading
reading toes (.com)
"a method used to obtain self-knowledge and to analyse personalities and behaviour patterns by interpreting the position and shape of toes."
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fighting fire with fire: usa sends ignorant illiterate bigots to war on terror
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a 14 year old girl speaks out about her lesbian family
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michigan blind skiers association
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26 ways to creep out your co-workers
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back yard brawl
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saturday, oct 20, 2001
heather goldstein's updated home page
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friday, oct 19, 2001

taliban singles online
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military pagan network
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packin' potty with privacy tent
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stinky feet
My attempts at debilitating fungus
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wwjs: where would jesus surf?
shelldrake at 6:35 pm
thursday, oct 18, 2001

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virtual yes man
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skull fucking with keeb
move over ann landers
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do you log off of your computer feeling guilty, embarrassed or ashamed?
or just all sticky?
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wednesday, oct 17, 2001

shelldrake at 11:18 pm

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beaver cleaver (.net)
the one-stop source for all your vasectomy information needs
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so you're asking yourself, what would I do with a wad of coral colored putty as big as my head?
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tuesday, oct 16, 2001

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the psychic blackmail network
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your momma (.com)
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i'm cool i got a web site (.com)
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isn't that something.
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you lookin' at me?
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osama porn
warning: NOT safe for viewing at work! Hell, it's not safe for viewing WITH EYES!
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monday, oct 15, 2001

jesus h. christ on a popsicle stick!
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