sunday, nov 4, 2001

real life ron pr0n
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invisible library (.com)
"all manner of books unwritten, unread, unpublished, and unfound."
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hard work and prairie state semen equals an unbeatable combination. be sure to send us pictures of your champions sired by prairie state semen suppliers boars
the eerie juxtaposition of an image of the owner's family and (hopefully unrelated) text lends a sinister element to this site. oh, and when you're ready to mutilate your little mutant, just log onto boar semen (.com) for the ear-notching tutorial.
madamjujujive at 4:02 pm
valvecaster 1960 dual valve teleknobic preampulator
just one of the many high end audio products brought to you by funk logic.
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covering the war, then and now
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an experiment in inverse and forward kinematics
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mark twain's guitar
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more t-shirt hell
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a place for the boney and vomitous
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tip the pizza guy (.com)
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newton's laws for kids
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why a ship floats
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damien the evil
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microsoft's bill gates and seinfeld's elaine benes will co-host a benefit TERROR DANCE-A-THON to raise money for victims of 9-11. in related news, cnn technology experts said xp will allow users to delete data from their hard drive.

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saturday, nov 3, 2001

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shark attacks linked to bin laden network
conclusive evidence of islamic fundamentalist sharks
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friday, nov 2, 2001
cute porcelain sperm salt and pepper shakers
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are electromagnetic energy levels affecting you?
"Today’s world requires strengthened physical, emotional and mental resilience. Both independent scientific tests and QLink users report that this life-enhancing product increases this resilience and resonance with natural energy states, even when we are faced by massive man-made electro-pollution."
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try before you buy cyber inflatable blow job doll with succulent cyberskin™ lips and mouth
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kathy and the crazy tie guy
presenting the gospel through juggling, art & storytellling
"Please continue to pray for our nation as we heal and as the war on terrorism takes physical form."
so, previously the war on terrorism was in spiritual form?
madamjujujive at 8:53 pm

fetal phone
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thursday, nov 1, 2001
frat boy
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frieda & guido's interactive underwear®
you send it in, they put it on
"if you can spare it, they can wear it"
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the square root of -1 (.com)
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tollyboy original security belts
protecting your assets since 1956
"manufacturers of chastity belts and anti-rape devices, designed to provide a high degree of security and protection for a wide range of applications."
wide range of applications? [shudder]
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wednesday, oct 31, 2001
christian deer hunters
"A primary objective of the Christian Deer Hunters Association is to reveal and encourage a Biblical World View approach to deer hunting. Some of the things that a Biblical World View will help to stimulate or encourage include:
  • An awareness that deer hunting can be an excellent opportunity for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other hunters (Mk. 16:15-16)."

    so, does one share the good word before the gutting or after?
    madamjujujive at 11:01 pm

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    someone's front yard
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    i don't understand a word, but it's still pretty damn funny
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    jag bromsar inte för bäver
    gyproc and norgips
    bävers and gyprocs and norgips! oh my!
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    "So, your partner's expecting, and you're looking forward to the greatest experience of your life, that moment of sweat and joy and singular happiness known as... the Super Bowl. Will the birth of your child interfere with your enjoyment of spectator sports?"

    madamjujujive at 5:48 pm
    tuesday, oct 30, 2001
    cia letter opener for the new millennium
    "This updated version is made from GV6H, the high-tech composite from Switzerland made with 60% glass fibers. This completely non-metallic letter opener provides superior plunging power as well as a hard edge. The scalloped serrated edge on one side gives additional opening power on fiberous materials."
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    tHIs is homepate POO PETER
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    no, seriously, this is kind of weird and perverted.
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    got cunt?
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    the lameness of life through the eyes of advertisers
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    the work nickname generator
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    terror code
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    xxx barbie
    not work safe
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    poor judgement in halloween attire
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    osama bin laden the queer
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    AnD n()w A wErD FrUm d4 Pr3zId3nt
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    masturbation list (.com)
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    itchdoctors itching fetishist emporium
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    vampire fart nose (.com)
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    tighten it up, bungee d00d!
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    hepped up on goofballs
    a guide to drug use in springfield.
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    2001 maine potato queen pageant
    regarding the maid of cotton link, julie wrote: "that was then. this is now. another in a long series of dubious distinctions."
    and they apparently believe in training 'em up young.
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    monday, oct 29, 2001

    maid of cotton
    "De Lois Faulkner (center), of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, reacts with delight as she is named the 1955 Maid of Cotton in Memphis, Tennessee."
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    iowa state university's tasty insect recipes
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    a lunchbox full of cockroaches
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    the zodiac batman connection
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    hoist 'im up, laddies
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    and the afghan said unto them, fear not: for, behold, i bring you squeaky toys, bones, and some tasty alpo (lassie 2:10)
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    it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown!
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    gay lego porn
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    osama bin laden's home page
    "some call me The world's most wanted man. Others refer to me as jackass, piece of shit, scumbag or simply lardman. But personally, I prefer my real name: Osama Bin Laden. Here on my personal homepage, you will find articles from me & my Al Quaida-friends, pictures and everything you ever wanted to know about fashion. And best of all - it's all free!
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    shelldrake at 6:29 pm
    mummification sm for your pet
    remember the time...
    "Once, there was a time when ancients, believing in the promise of another tomorrow, mummified their pets and animals at their natural passing. Cherished by their families, these pets were mummified so that together they could continue on to their next life. Those people of long ago realized then, just as we do today, that there is a quality about some animals that makes them human, that makes them divine."
    shelldrake at 6:14 pm