sunday, dec 16, 2001
automatic baton carrot machine
"An exeptionally compact machine which will top, tail, cut into sections and batons, one carrot every second! Features All stainless steel construction. Comes complete with robust stand and waste chutes."
holy shit. robust stand. waste chutes. this is a must-have for every geek's christmas list.
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united we dance
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what is a christian clown?
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feline reactions to bearded men of beard type #55G
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as a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman without discretion
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gallery of unfortunate christmas cards
madamjujujive at 9:27 pm
defrosting the fridge
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one of yet another new vaginal speculum
"My best seller by far. Sold with no questions asked."
but i have lots of questions...
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fiberglass food
"The Artistic Works of Shari Borkin"
madamjujujive at 8:38 pm

donovan swing, movie extra
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the firearms training site
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lightweight parasite removal kit
"Ticks, fleas, lice, leaches, ringworm, tapeworm? Sure, you've got parasites. Who doesn't? But what is a busy person to do?"
madamjujujive at 9:05 am

trixy the goat dog
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safety palette color panties
madamjujujive at 8:52 am
pink hello kitty laptop
Hobbies gone wrong...
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psycho bitches from hell
madamjujujive at 8:48 am
3.6 meg mpg video
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a vagina for christmas
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acute external hordeolum with erythema and lump present at the lash line
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the wolf-fart puffball: fungus of the month for november 2001
Lycoperdon pyriforme
tom volk's fungus of the month, now in its fifth year online.
marty@wordforge at 1:17 am

melvik of remlar at 12:41 am
equine artificial vaginas
gee wilbur! mr. ed never had this much fun!
available in colorado style or traditional missouri. plus - round out your bovine carnal pleasure options with an electrojack iv electro-ejaculator for bulls and rams, complete with probe, control unit and semen collection funnel. mooo!
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saturday, dec 15, 2001
the toast bible
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how to increase system power by almost 10 times
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filing the incandescent burrito
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have a hug
after that last link you need one.
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not work safe
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could i interest you in a piece father?
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download this now
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thursday, dec 13, 2001

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my knobs (.com)
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what fred ate
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i recently decided to make my impression on the art world by dipping my tool in paint and letting rip.
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meet cookie buffet!
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your jewish fairy godmother (.com)
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jesus christ boxcutters
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wednesday, dec 12, 2001

rrama llama ding dong
"Chris brought Denise here for her first llama experience. Denise has rabbits and fell immediately in love with a classic gal, Krissi, and her neice & 1/2 sister, Gypsy. She wanted to take them both home, but I can't see llamas living in a Texas apartment! Both Krissi and Gypsy are lovebears and permanent fixtures in Castalia's herd. They are always eager to be mauled by visitors."
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president moron and the dick synchronize watches as the founder of their party looks on in pain
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afghan llama sodomy redux
"An all-time favorite, Black Knight has replaced his father, Union Jack, the English male and cornerstone of Bauernheim breeding objectives. Black Knight has always improved the fiber on the crias he's sired, and also added the long legs, long neck and long ears we desire and demand."
madamjujujive at 8:17 pm

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20th century castles
the ultimate in security
buy yourself a missile base.
madamjujujive at 8:07 pm

drug elimination museum
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naked volleyball (.com)
madamjujujive at 8:00 pm
spam carving
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good vibrations
madamjujujive at 7:58 pm
tuesday, dec 11, 2001

hitler was a drug-free vegetarian
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no. he would have flooded it and drowned the bastards.
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the earth is just a molecule in a great squirted sneeze of neurotransmitters
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it is cherry blossom time in japan and thoughts turn naturally to ritual disembowelment.
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knit one, purl two, slip a stitch, fuck you
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monday, dec 10, 2001

eDEN CenTeR ThuGZ 4 LiFE NiggAz
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404 baby. 40-freakin'-4.
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coach mangina
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afghan llama sodomy museum
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wholesale niggers (.com)
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