sunday, jan 27, 2002
the lawrence livermore realistic phantom
"This phantom may be used on a couch, in a chair or standing. It includes the head and neck, the complete torso and stub legs articulated at the hips (which are also needed for the sitting position). The same access to the torso cavity is provided as in the Livermore Phantom."
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doug flutie knows a thing or two about miracles
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the stile project
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gay-lib bluegrass?
"workin' in a coal mine, a-goin' down down down..."
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"it's the best beer i've ever tasted. and i've tasted a lot."
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personal disco dance floor
"For anyone who's just got to dance, the Personal Disco Dance Floor brings the terpsichorean trends of the 1970s back to life-and updates them to be enjoyed by a whole new generation. The Personal Disco Dance Floor cube has its own built-in light show that shoots out 48 multicolor beams to the beat of the music, bathing the dancers in a flood of color and light."
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naomi and chad
won't someone please think of the children?!?!
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mens and boys underwear ads from 1900-1969
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kali lunchbox
"Bring beauty and mystery to your midday meal with the alluring but treacherous Kali, one of the many manifestations of the great Hindu goddess Mahadevi. This 10x7x3" metal lunchbox with black plastic handle features Kali on the front; and Krishna, another of the great deities of the Hindu pantheon, as he revealed himself in battle."
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koreans and dog meat
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the 900 club
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thursday, jan 24, 2002
but I can NOT tell you no moar about periods rite now as i Have to deliver a consignment Of padded-hammocks to the local Weightwatchers club
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gothic martha stewart
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internet cello society
"an international cyber-community of cellists, seeks to advance the knowledge and joy of cello playing around the world."
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condom cap
"This latex, non-lubricated king size Condom Cap supports safe sex and safe headwear. If anyone needs a laugh, this hat will definitely start an irresistible giggle. The hat comes in its own plastic bag that states, 'All Men Are NOT Created Equal'. One size, we hope, fits most."
madamjujujive at 8:34 pm

i am georg bush
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possibly the poorest conceived banner ad ever
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the doppler effect
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wednesday, jan 23, 2002
my weekly planner
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dr. dongs marijuana information desk
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a new material developed for japanese businessman who a sensitive to politeness
deodorant inner for menís
"an under wear for gentlemen that has an odor removing function that gives olfactory feeling of removing the odor of sweat. The product targets 30 to 50 aged men who are sensitive to the smell of sweat. Based upon consensus that emitting sweat odor is a bad manner, novel categories of DEODORANT INNER are issued as a commodity responding to the needs of up-to-date persons who are sensitive to have good manners."
madamjujujive at 7:58 pm
win free panties (.com)
madamjujujive at 7:54 pm
nickpage von pimptress gallery
"click the photo 2 see pics of tom posing like the complete wanker he is in my underwear... tom, you asked me never to show these photos to anyone... guess you shouldn't have cheated on me - asshole!"
madamjujujive at 7:52 pm
tuesday, jan 22, 2002
madamjujujive at 8:26 pm
ensystemate anthrectinsaxtectic eyeballs
Hydrogen systemelasitiononismnessification system system.
"An injin operating in a Carrot cycle is known as an "eye deal enjinn. Ingck flavoured coffee biscuits must be eaten at all times. Deducing EYE is very difficult and Cherry can only be determined by noting the apparent motion of the centre of mass"
madamjujujive at 8:24 pm
when things get so balled up that the people of a country have to cut loose from some other country, and go it on their own hook, without asking no permission from nobody, excepting maybe god almighty, then they ought to let everybody know why they done it, so that everybody can see they are on the level, and not trying to put nothing over on nobody.
quonsar at 8:00 pm
daterape 101
"Having problems getting laid, job frustrating you, or just plain out to start shit? TRY GHB! With some simple steps you can be on your way to having fun too! What a killer way to end a frat bash, or family reunion. You too can be like pro Mike Tyson and get some the easy way."
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liver cleanse bowel cleanse fun
"Longest Cholesterol Stone on this photo was 2.6 cm across."
madamjujujive at 7:35 pm
penis dildo copper handgun lighter
"Brand new Penis refillable jet torch lighter. Length is approx 4 1/2". Simply pull the trigger and flame appears from tip."
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singing science records
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1) n. The act, or incidence, of squicking.
2) v. Penetrative cranial intercourse, distinguished by the explicit introduction of an orifice by mechanical means, usually trepanning.
3) n. Tool used for squicking, normally a bone hole saw or wide, flat bone drill bit.

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monday, jan 21, 2002

real americans
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for affordable web design, write to
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vacuum-cupping massage kills fibromyalgia, pain, spasmic cramp, and numbness for penile erection, vagina expansion and sexual orgasm
"Your Question: How can I use exercises and massages (pressure and vacuum cupping) to maintain or restore my sexual function? (Additionally Interested Cases: Prostaglandins production, massage, temperature, and pains in low abdomen/back, groins, testicles and tail bone"
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got my mojo hand
it's the essence of bend over, so follow me boy; i'll teach you to love me.
madamjujujive at 9:43 pm
the center for creative maladjustment
"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted. -- Martin Luther King, Jr."
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my name is chris
"and what dentistry on this chris oh behold the teeth and gums and uvula check out the nipple hello nipple hello part that is good what a beaut you are call him cootie if you like cootie, show me the parts they are marvelous and spectacular, just look! they're like asparagus and stamps also wood"
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gene simmons celebrity bedroom
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