sunday, feb 17, 2002

i seem to be dead inside
quonsar at 7:47 pm
bubble tea
quonsar at 7:22 pm
peace through pleasure
"Deep in the soul of the hot, wet swamps of the Congo, there is a tribe. It is here, in their wild, erotic Garden of Eden, in the middle of war-torn territory, that our closest cousins, the bonobos, live and share a powerful kind of pleasure, and make an extraordinary kind of love."
quonsar at 5:22 pm
tanya's window to the womb
"It's about time someone set those pro-aborts straight on the development of cute little babies in the womb and I intend to be the one to do it! They think they can flash us some lying godless medical site or site after site with that soulless tacked on the end and expect us to swallow their heathen lies about those cute little babies!"
quonsar at 5:05 pm
your request for a fourth ham has been denied
quonsar at 4:44 pm

most of our robots are programmed to rock
quonsar at 1:37 pm

ship the enron documents to the feds
mcface at 12:20 pm
i enjoy cooking housepets and playing fetch with ham.
"Hallo u like nice piktur of me and doll? is my favorite doll they let me keep at sanitarium. it remind me of girl i smother with pillow when i was nanny. Doktor say I will get out soon if i take all the pills and the ether treatments and i will be good wife for you."
quonsar at 11:54 am
save the whales. for later.
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madamjujujive at 10:51 am

mad milk cows
quonsar at 10:45 am
i blame ray liotta for my inevitable death.
"Maybe it is the copious eye liner, but looking at him is like looking into a picture of my own slow death. Perhaps his roles are all too human, conjuring up images of the worst of humanity. But actually it is most likely the eyeliner."
quonsar at 10:41 am
the religious experience of philip k. dick
as drawn by r. crumb
"an interesting graphic interpretation of a series of events which happened to Dick in March of 1974. He spent the remaining years of his life trying to figure out what happened in those fateful months. Enjoy The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick. In typical Dick fashion, you will find that it raises more questions than it answers."
quonsar at 10:34 am
it's the professor poopypants name changer
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heros in spandex
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immaculate consoaption
"Feel virginally clean with our Immaculate Consoaption. Encased in each 8 oz. bar of pure glycerin soap is a figurine of the Blessed Mother, perfect for mounting on dashboards when you're done getting clean. So lather up and wash your way to a holy reward!"
madamjujujive at 9:58 am
do you suffer from constipation?
"If you suffer from constipation, chances are you know it! Constipation refers to infrequent, difficult and sometimes painful evacuation of the bowels. People often mistakenly restrict their fluid intake because of a fear that they may retain it. Inadequate fluid intake will cause your body to conserve fluid, by removing it from the intestinal contents as they pass through the large bowel. This is one of the potential causes of constipation. So drink 8 glasses of water every day!"
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jolly walkers
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she-male shell game
madamjujujive at 9:41 am
thursday, feb 14, 2002
christian candy
"perfect for Sunday School Teachers, VBS programs, backyard Bible study, birthdays, parades, special occasions and just any old time. The Bible verse designs make great witnessing tools."
quonsar at 11:46 pm
beer goggles
"This is the person you exchanged saliva with last night. To see how they appeared to you last night, click on the beer goggles."
madamjujujive at 11:36 pm
american society for the prevention of cruelty to robots
"Robots are people too! Or at least, they will be someday. And when that day comes, the ASPCR will have in place a set of guidelines designed to protect and uphold the rights of all intelligent artifical beings."
quonsar at 11:04 pm

madamjujujive at 10:41 pm
quit sex* and become refreshed!
"* Sex is the conjoining of the private parts of two or more post-pubescents. It includes kissing, cuddling, fondling, spondling, groping, goosing, spanking, spooning, scrooning, whipping, shlipping - even lightly brushing up against someone, fully clothed, in an elevator."
quonsar at 9:30 pm

warrior helmet gallery
madamjujujive at 9:25 pm
madamjujujive at 8:48 pm
tammy the site guru
"Hi my name is Tammy :) i'm a web page designr and I work for whypno design my nobbies in clide >& listening to brittny spears, collecting teady bears, popping bubblbe wrap and getting my nails airbrushed. :-) When it comes to designing web pages, I have som phat skillz!!!!"
el fogg at 8:25 pm

madamjujujive at 7:45 pm

medicine and madison avenue
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wednesday, feb 13, 2002

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inside david's head
madamjujujive at 8:08 pm
"I'm proud of her," said the horse's owner, who requested anonymity.
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hallo! i'm a poptart!
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tuesday, feb 12, 2002

scott heiferman
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religion: mormom: garments: underwear
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gay sperm tampon in drag
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madamjujujive at 9:24 pm
fainting goats
"...have actually served an historical purpose. Shepherds often kept the goats in with their flocks as insurance in case of predator attacks. As wolves came down from the hills to attack a flock of sheep, the goats would become startled and faint. The sheep would make a clean getaway, as the wolves focused on the stunned goats. Not that wonderful if you were one of the goats, sure, but downright dandy if you happened to be a sheep.
shelldrake at 9:12 pm
monday, feb 11, 2002
i gave my cat an enema
lostdog at 9:07 pm

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a virtual museum of small early electrical appliances
madamjujujive at 8:02 pm

hot! sexy! irresistible!
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