sunday, mar 3, 2002

rate my gas mask (.com)
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super marketing ads from the comic books
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mr. blowup (.com)
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a shrine to my hero andrew berrigan
"**NOTICE: Andrew Berrigan is not or WILL Never be a sissy boy! All emotions and mushiness found on this site are purely MY feelings only (and I'm a hopeless weirdo.. Andrew does not or will not ever wear pink fluffy bunny slippers and when he told me to tone down the mushyness on my site.. I told em to stick a pickle up his butt.."
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merriam-webster pronunciation for 'fucker'
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click less, spank more
"5 islamic militant midgets kidnapped me at gunpoint and force me into the pr0n business."
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thursday, feb 28, 2002

mad scientist tortures hamster
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evil clowns torture you
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in search of the big bang
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donald roller wilson
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bitch 5/14/90
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patent no. 3,234,948
"The Surgeon General has determined that smoking Parmesan is bad for your health."
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untitled normal page
dady at 8:26 pm
one can always dream
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meet dick hyman
"Throughout a busy musical career which got underway in the early 50's, Dick Hyman has functioned as a[n]... organist..."
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wednesday, feb 27, 2002

giant squid babies captured
i didn't know any had escaped.
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this page will take you to a large assortment of doll surgery photos.
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the meretrex online virtual museum of prostitution
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tuesday, feb 26, 2002
miniaturized, implantable identification technology with multiple medical, security and emergency applications
"VeriChip... relies on imbedded, tamper-proof, microchip technology, which allows for non-invasive access to identification, medical and other critical data... It contains a unique identification number and other data. Utilizing an external scanner, radio frequency energy passes through the skin energizing the dormant VeriChip, which then emits a radio frequency signal containing the identification number. The number is displayed by the scanner and transmitted to an FDA compliant secure data storage site by authorized personnel via telephone or Internet. The VeriChip insertion procedure can be performed in an outpatient, office setting, requiring only local anesthesia, a tiny incision and perhaps a small adhesive bandage.
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s e e m e n
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the internet museum of flexi / cardboard / oddity records
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monkey town (.com)
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set free phil
"All I can say is once I was so very lost and down and discouraged, and needed something to fix me up. I tried everything under the sun to make a change in my life. Nothing worked. In prison I heard you could have peace if you really meant business and gave God your whole life."
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pyro boy
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dubé juggling
"Since our establishment in 1975, we have had a history of innovation and a reputation for high quality equipment. Our products have been chosen for their quality, durability, structural integrity and design aesthetics... We continue to develop new products to add to the already diverse line presently available and to improve the design, construction and materials of existing products."
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slutty little bigots with huge guns.
where would the web be without them?
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monday, feb 25, 2002
upgrade your memory george w style
"As president of the United States of Texas, it is important for me to remember a lot of things that need to be remembered. That means you need more memory for remembering things. It helps me to remember how to chew."
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green chicken curry
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dear penis, i don't think i like you anymore...
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still steamin' buck semen
"The most exciting buck lure ever developed. This revolutionary buck scent is available only from Robinson Laboratories. Still Steamin 'Buck Semen' is a 'Nature Identical' synthetic that is remarkably similar to the real thing in odor, appearance and consistency. It is a powerful attractant that may be used throughout the hunting season under a variety of hunting conditions. Proven to bring in the big bucks and hold them right where you want them."
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sporting a woody
"Y’know, I’ve heard the term 'sportin' a woody' before -- but this…this…this is just plain ridiculous! And the expressions on the faces of Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford just make things worse -- or at least, funnier! Seriously, did the concepts of 'staging' or 'tangents' ever even occur to the publicity photographer who snapped this picture? Or did he actually intend to make visual commentary on the much-rumored, prodigious size of Chuck Connors’ sexual equipment?"
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