sunday, may 19, 2002
finagle and diddle
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lemony snicket
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balfurd cleaners
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kinsey visual
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world's tallest building at 94 stories
"Construction commenced in August 1997, and we are currently redesigning aspects of the building to cope with the latest technological and functional requirements of financial firms operating in the fast growing markets of Shanghai and Asia in general."
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mermaids in peril
Aqua Fantasies Drowning Videos
"More of our underwater videos produced to fulfill your every fantasy."
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well, do you?
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the outhouse photo collection
"Granny Mac used this outhouse until her death in 1981. At the time she died, Granny Mac didn't have electricity, running water, telephone, or propane gas. More than a decade after men had walked on the surface of the moon Granny Mac still cooked on a wood stove, lighted her house by kerosene lamp and washed her clothes in a tub near a spring."
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the world of household rubber gloves
"The Web's Number One Household Rubber Glove Site - the ultimate source for free pictures, tips and comments."
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things other people accomplished when they were your age
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all i really need to know i learned by having my arms ripped off by a polar bear
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meat planet
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yatta panties
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is your neighbor a terrorist?
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airline meals
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we are the curvaceous moray eels. we are here to protect you from the miniaturised palm tree of lou reed.
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remember dela and ort? this is the chinese version.
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vote for your favorite jim paterson hairdo
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puppet terror
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the seed and the egg: earth inseminates galaxy
Copulation on the Galactic Level, produced a sperm (comet) that struck an egg (Earth) causing the moon to be created from the Earth 4.6 billionyears ago.
"We have been moving as a solar system, OUT of the plane of the galaxy, and against the grain or wind of the galactic gravity bloodstream. NOW having just turned around this corner, we just are beginning to move INto the bubble or EGG of the galactic core. To use the HARMONIC MODULE kind of terminology, "we are approaching GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION BEAM-LOCK". Love's secretions are finally irresistible as the sperm flagellates past the, at first, negative flow in its path. There approaches an electric "moment of no return" in the ORGASMIC process."
i love it when wacko's talk dirty.
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it'll be was totally awesome!!!
madamjujujive at 1:04 am
rivers run doll hospital
"Services provided: Cleaning, Restringing, Wig Cleaning & Restyling, Repairing cracks, Resetting or replacing eyes, Rebuilding body parts, Touch up or complete air brush painting, Costuming, Restoration of clothing, Resetting of teeth, tongues, or criers"
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virtual hair: where technology meets style
"The future has arrived! For just a tiny fraction of the cost of experimenting with different hairstyles in the "real world", you can see yourself as you really will look, in nearly any hairstyle you can think of!"
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saturday, may 18, 2002

vintage labels - the lost art of travel
"Dedicated to the Lost Art of the Luggage Label"
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small-scale dairy farming manual
Volume 4 Husbandry Unit 6.1
"ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION (A.I.) IN DAIRY BUFFALO AND CATTLE - In natural mating a bull mounts a cow and ejaculates his semen into her vagina. In artificial insemination (A.I.) the A.I. technician collects semen from a bull in a bag called an artificial vagina. When the cow is in heat, the A.I. technician inseminates the cow with a breeding gun (insemination rod). A.I. may be cheaper than keeping a herd bull."
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that's him, officer! the kinky-haired black guy!
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the masturbation hall of fame
blort public service reminder: may is national masturbation month
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i had entire chats inside my head while i slept
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adult bestiality in presidential lawn art
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child bestiality in italianate lawn art
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and the brides wore rubber
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giant lizards
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all your base are belong to us: the story of the american crack revolution
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lite brite
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skellramics is not your granola hippie aunt’s ceramics line
"Meticulously fashioned, whether sculpted or slip-cast, no two items are exactly the same, as they are meticulously handcrafted. Skellramics’ designs are not only functional, but also whimsical, synthesizing a variety of artistic influences into an eclectic, individual style. Items are hand carved and hand-painted with brilliantly- hued glazes layered for purity of color and integrity texture. There are one-of-a-kind pieces, which will never, ever be reproduced."
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how to make god puke
Revelation 3:14-22
"Our clothes make God puke
Our music make God puke
Our Christian stores make God puke
Our books make God puke
Our offerings make God puke
Our bibles (false bibles) make God puke
Our prayer life make God puke
Our bible reading make God puke
Our soul wining makes God puke
Our churches make God puke
Our hairstyles make God puke
Our jewelry makes God puke
Our conversation makes God puke
You can boil a frog by starting in lukewarm water 1st!"

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diana of ephesus with her multiple breasts distributes the milk of universal wisdom
fark me!
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metaphysics of the tangerine
"...on initial inspection a tangerine appears to possess many of the qualities of nothingness-- certainly enough to fool the lay person. Following a more delicate inspection, however, the careful observer will discover that the tangerine, in fact, is. Sink smoothly into the golden citric flesh and breathe in the heady vapors of being."
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adventure of the sign-up sheep
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s.w.a.t. team for jesus
repent, lest george costanza smite thee with the mighty accordian of the lord!
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leeches u.s.a.
“the animals should be applied in adequate numbers to the general area of maximal congestion. One (1) or two (2) leeches may be sufficient to treat the skin of a partially degloved or replanted finger, whereas a large flap may require 6 or more...the head (or biting end) can be recognized by its searching movements, while the tail end is used mostly as a sucker for attachment.”
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den satans ungen pissade på sig! den jävla ungen pissade på sig!
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menstruation period kotex surreal painting
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friday, may 17, 2002
enlightening elastomeric experiences
Aerial, the plastic shaman
”This site is dedicated mainly to a great modern form of drugfree psychedelics - basing on the use of inflatable latex equipment as an effective tool for meditation and creation of alterated states of mind for psychological and spiritual purposes, but here is much more about latex/ rubber and the many subtle and less known aspects and applications of it on this site..."
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thursday, may 16, 2002

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wednesday, may 15, 2002
a toxic mold attorney for you
a nursing home abuse attorney for you
a dialysis blood filter attorney for you
a caught humping the livestock attorney for you
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mining artifacts
"dedicated to those who daily faced the danger, uncertainty, darkness, dampness, heat and cold of underground mining, those who were drawn to toil in the depths of the earth."
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madamjujujive at 9:04 pm
famous people who were arrested or who went to jail
madamjujujive at 8:12 pm
what's shiny, black and rubber all over?
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microsoft® commercial™
madamjujujive at 7:48 pm
and the number one reason you should fear bats is...
holy hanging testicles, batman!
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how to cook a cat
"PWEETA (People Who Enjoy Eating Tasty Animals) fully supports your right to eat cat in the privacy of your own home. On a "libertarian" medium like the Internet, there is no end of sites dedicated to the construction of homemade bombs and weapons of mass destruction. However, a quick check on any search engine will uncover a striking lack of quality cat eating advice available in English."
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money, honey
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tuesday, may 14, 2002

claws and paws
madamjujujive at 11:26 pm
stabilization of stochastic nonlinear systems driven by noise of unknown covariance
and other lewd tales...
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laundry advanced system (lads)
"The Laundry Advanced System (LADS) is the Army’s new water-based mobile field laundry with one LADS replacing four of the current M85 field laundries. The LADS is currently in production and being fielded to Quartermaster Companies only."
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meet the lithgows
"Rick was raised in a 2' x 2' box and told repeatedly that Richard Nixon would be president one day. Shelley was born in captivity at the Pittsburgh Zoo and raised on a steady diet of batteries and beer nuts."
for some reason, i believe all that...
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hitler's teeth
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knitted uterus model
madamjujujive at 6:42 pm
jose - the magic tampon
madamjujujive at 5:41 pm
the camel spider will call you a slut and make fun of your religion
”the gross part about their attacks on humans is they have some odd instinct to attack a human's head...they will chase you down, run up your back, climb on your neck, and start gnawing at your skull. nummy treats.”
madamjujujive at 5:39 pm
monday, may 13, 2002
how to stop a demonic attack
"Exorcism is not a parlor game. It is tough spiritual warfare with the powers of evil. It is a battle that one can not afford to loose. Do not try this at home. Get a genuine servant of God."
madamjujujive at 11:32 pm
samsung means to come
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i am probably not john stamos
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hot sexy hobbit at bridge of khazad-dur
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boo. hoo.
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madamjujujive at 9:34 pm

world war II posters
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vicki's pretender world: i love to show off my legs and my hooks!
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