sunday, jun 16, 2002

i'll show you mine if you show me yours
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nasa's sushi wrapping robot
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loyal nanaimo bathtub society
"Nanaimo harbor was the scene of a bathtub race extravaganza at the first race in 1967. As the City of NANAIMO's "Centennial Event" that year, close to 200 tubbers entered the fun competition and amazingly, 47 completed the 36 mile course to Vancouver's Fisherman's Cove across the straits of Georgia."
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boggy mania
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magnetic cap
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boof nuk-nuk
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saturday, jun 15, 2002
british gourmet food, congressional ethics and good clean fun
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diaries of a cat and a dog
"day 776 - The other cat and I, though we can not stand one another, have yet managed to both pee copiously behind the couch, on the so-called "shag" carpet. I have taken a lesson from my rival and begun sleeping on top of my captors' heads in the hope of suffocating them."
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because you're mine
another quality feature from sharpeworld
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thursday, jun 13, 2002

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feline responses to torpometric ataxia
important research from the folks at acme vaporware, where scientists have finally achieved bose-einstein condensation of public relations professionals, where you can behold the family of torpometric inducing myers-borgnine torpovapor reticulation products, and even access the avw feng shui torpo-fluxometer for unflinching network vector orientation online! thrill to the site of an old towel dispenser and an early basic/ascii porn generator in the museum of modern technology. be there or be square!
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willing to try
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jumping over babies
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quonsar naked!!!
click here for hot naked quonsar!!!!!!
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aol version 9: so simple even the president can use it
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how to resuscitate a drowning cat
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the lonely astronaut
"If NASA left you on the moon 30 years ago, wouldn't you be pissed?"
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100 holes
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nuke pills (.com)
Factory fresh and in stock!
"IOSAT Potassium Iodide blocks the thyroid's absorption of cancer-causing radioactive iodine released from a nuclear power plant or nuclear bomb."
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so you've decided to be evil
A Step-by-Step Guide to joining the Forces of Darkness
"Congratulations on your decision to join the forces of darkness! Evil always needs more tools... I mean... agents... for its unholy army of the night, and by joining now you can rest assured that your remaining years will be spent pursuing the 'good' things of life: lust, greed, debauchery, the construction of enormous weather machines..."
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wednesday, jun 12, 2002
high myopia
"Do you like Girls wearing Thick Minus Glasses or just Myopic Women? Only clean pics of glasses or girls wearing high minus prescription or just minus prescription."
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the great pop vs. soda controversy
"Since the development of carbonated beverage in 1886, one of linguistic geography's most important and least investigated phenomena has been the sharp regional divisions in the use of the terms "pop" and "soda." Due to the domination of hard-line conservative lingusitic geographers in such leading institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and the University of the West Indies, this dilemma has been swept under the rug . . . until now."
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beauty kit
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nineteenth century images of albinism
"Photographic images of albinos (and others with physical anomalies) were widely marketed during the nineteenth century... The phenomen of trading in images of unusual people seemed much more common in America than elsewhere in the world and examples of photographs of albinos who publically exhibited themselves from other countries are exceedingly rare."
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love at first sight
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realistic cocks
"Our life-sized cocks are hand painted and include enough meticulous details to fool even the most ardent cock fancier. And all our cocks come with a lifetime guarantee! If they ever stop standing up you will get a full refund!"
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7th anal kris kross day
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piercing the little dangly thingy in your throat
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happy white seal says "i love you"
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10" coprolite turd fossilized dung crap
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how hormones work
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symposium and summer school on nano and giga challenges in microelectronics research and opportunities in russia
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tuesday, jun 11, 2002

unique dolls for unique children
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the beatles poured evil into the world
"Before The Beatles, music was innocent. There was not any loud music or music with evil lyrics. Music was pure and Christian. The Beatles with "pagan skins" and electric guitars polluted the Earth."
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signed original jacuzzi la scala™ bathing & entertainment center
numbered with a certificate of authenticity signed by famed whirlpool bath Designer/Inventor, Roy Jacuzzi.
"Created for the most discerning individuals, La Scala treats you to the ultimate home theater surround and entertainment system right in the luxury of your own whirlpool bath. With plenty of room for side by side bathing, you can nestle in for a long soak and the finest motion picture experience ever imagined. La Scala showcases a 42-inch high-definition Plasma monitor as well as a surround sound system so powerful it can make even the most subtle nuances spring to life."
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angel babies
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which vagina are you?
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monday, jun 10, 2002
peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat
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perfect sideburns (.com)
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bw's sim orgies
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robert's radio collection
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holy cards
"Holy Cards are part of the visual culture of the Catholic Church. They were, and are, exchanged among the faithful as a media for communicating religious sentiment. Often the picture on the card is more important than the words or prayers that are sometimes printed on its front or back. These images communicate powerful messages that appeal before and beyond words."
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the online guide to whistling records
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22" num-num child image doll
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sausage shaped but lumpy
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proton-enhanced nuclear induction spectroscopy
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hands free cell phone adapter
"Will ship worldwide! One Size fits all. Nokia, Motorola and Erickson cell phones."
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replacing u4 on a scott edwards bs1/lcd
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