sunday, jun 30, 2002
japanese men dressed up as little japanese cartoon girls. ah well. things could always be worse.
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tramp art scrapbook
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12 of the beatles' most popular early songs, done up by a traditional rock-'n-roll band with the vocals supplied by dogs
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the making of panda porn

panda porn to cure bedtime blues
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life as a cockroach
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er, i mean... never mind.
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the virtual corkscrew museum
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saturday, jun 29, 2002

"Because Man has always sought light and not only metaphorically speaking. Because light is beautiful, because light is life and gives life, because light comes from the stars and is a reference point in the night. For this reason LUMINEX® was created - to make fibre optics a starry material. LUMINEX® is in fact a fine mesh of transparencies and colours suggesting a starry sky. Clothes become emotional, shine, indeed sparkle."
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the x-bed human storage container
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images of a mayan land: guatemalan postcard photographers
"A lot of information is packed on a postcard, particularly one that was sent a century ago... Who sent it and to whom? What was it like back then? From the Spanish conquest forward, foreigners went to Guatemala to make their fortunes... Guatemala has a rich history of photography... The earliest known picture postcards in Guatemala date from the turn of the century."
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9.9 meg QuickTime movie
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faster pussycat, kill! kill!
"If you want wild living FAST!
And if you want to end up giving your all,
Let's...because, pussycat she's living
Reckless pussycat she's riding high,
If you think that you can tame her,
Well just you try!
Yeah! Just you try-y!"

madamjujujive at 8:54 pm
the man with his finger on the pulse up the ass of the presidency
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lilt: engineered for summer
2.1 meg - requires QuickTime
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i sometimes feel like an alien creature for which there is no earthly explanation
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world's largest lip balm
"25 Gallons of REAL BlueRaspberry Flavored Balm!!!! 3,200 Fl. oz.!!!!! 264 lbs!!!!!"
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cultural contrasts
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ant picnic
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hey (.com)
"That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen... I like it!"
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drink bong water
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bud dwyer fan club
the man who called a press conference then gobbled his gun. he has some admirers. warning: features professional idiots - don't try this at home, kids.
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friday, jun 28, 2002
turn on the internet
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study at home, become a certified mortuary technician
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elephant hat
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hobo phil
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sensitive woo meets firecat
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undress the cabana boy
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boy crazy is a new trading card series designed just for girls
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all about beards
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thursday, jun 27, 2002

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pet gotohda
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don't forget...
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do not trust the shover robot. he is malfunctioning.
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suppakitty bash
"Now with added ear socks"
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relax and enjoy this soothing and artistic page
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911 things to hate about america
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learn how to levitate with no gimmicks whatsoever
"No strings or wires, no hydraulics, no mirrors... Just You! Easy To Do!"
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disco stu
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you put your left foot in, take your left foot out
put your right foot in and you shake it all about...

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wednesday, jun 26, 2002

born to bone
madamjujujive at 8:56 pm

bill gates head hockey
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the jesus continuum
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chili in ma pants
"Who's got chili?
I've got chili!
Where you got the chili?
I got it ma pants!"

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terry & dean's kickass website
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vomitus maximus
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tuesday, jun 25, 2002
alien message board
Serving Earth's Alien Population for 1/1000 of a millennium.
"During the last few years a large number of aliens have visited the Earth. Some have even taken residence on this quaint little planet. Galactic Order HB42k requires all aliens to maintain anonymity, but there is still the need to communicate, inform and advertise. The ALIEN MESSAGE BOARD attempts to fill this niche."
madamjujujive at 11:54 pm

fembot wig...$18.00
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madamjujujive at 11:21 pm
human-like head robot we-3rv
"1. Objective of This Study We have been developing human-like head robots in order to develop a new head mechanisms and functions for a humanoid robot having the ability to communicate naturally with a human by expressing human like emotion. We developed the human-like head robot 'WE-3RV'(Waseda Eye No.3 Refined V) which has four sensations and facially expressing emotions in 2001."
madamjujujive at 10:42 pm
donald duck on dope
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nico van hoorn trashlog
"collecting a piece of trash for the internet every day"
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secure the homeland (.com)
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monday, jun 24, 2002

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christian cowboys
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horsesonic qigong massager
"Infrasonic QiGong Massagers design and patented in China to imitates the world famous CHI GONG ENERGY, generated by Chinese Masters of CHI GONG. They use this energy to enhance biological energy balance (YIN-YANG)."
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hoovers have been a lifelong obsession of mine
madamjujujive at 9:16 pm
fast food sends schoolgirls into sexual feeding frenzy
"A tendency for getting their lips around a Whopper has turned Japanese schoolgirls into Nippon's naughtiest nymphomaniacs..."
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johnny wu's house o pancakes
"no broccoli...guaranteed"
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man not included (.com)
"Private fertility - for lesbian couples."
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