sunday, aug 4, 2002

early vegas
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extreme elvis

joe rogan meets extreme elvis
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healthy penis 2002
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the concept and practice of body modification as it relates to librarians as persons and professionals
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hi! we're the wiggles! welcome to our wiggly website!
the children's television show that finally answers the question "what sucks more than barney at a teletubbie orgy?"
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emotive tour de force ellen feiss: switched
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software company owner bill gates: switched
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rock'em sock'em rabbi's
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curious george busts a move
120k quicktime .mov
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you are my sunshine
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alvin eventually sought help at the betty ford clinic...

...but for hootie it was just too late.
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thursday, aug 1, 2002

madamjujujive at 10:24 pm
washing machine database
an incredibly detailed searchable database of washing machines. look up patent information, visit agitator alley or thrill to the sight of the maytag line in chronological order. a fine internet research tool brought to you by lee maxwell's antique washing machine museum.
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fanciful felines
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desperately seeking inflatable jesus
we received the following missive from the gentleman in the colored shirt at right: "hello, I've been trying to find an inflatable Jesus every where, and every where i look i come to a dead end. i was hoping your link would work, but it does not. if you happen to know where i could find an inflatable Jesus on the web to purchase it would be greatly appreciated."
here is your inflatable jesus, XINOSIX. we'd rather not know exactly what you and your buddy intend to do with Him. and look here, we've saved you a trip all the way to the deutsche bank.
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the button museum
sent in by steve at 7:26 pm
we have met the enemy... and they are fungi
"This story begins deep in Campbell's soup labs, where Dr. Guggenheim was working on a new substance that kept Cream of Mushroom Soup from rotting. Unfortunately, this mixture also made the soup extremely toxic, so the employees had to wear full body suits and carry compressed air tanks at all times. The mixture also caused an interdimensional link to The Mushroom Zone, where giant (slightly smaller than human), walking, talking mushrooms with arms and legs run amok."
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brute propaganda
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wednesday, jul 31, 2002

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petticoat junction
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vicious, delicious and ambitious
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mr. spock meets bilbo baggins
note: 4 meg quicktime
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tuesday, jul 30, 2002

explosive rocket powered toys
mackque at 10:47 pm
la simulación de una lámpara de lava
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why not to strength your health?
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die fünfziger jahre
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furry creations
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cigarette pack collection
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yhb's postcard collection
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move your feet
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monday, jul 29, 2002
koko the killer klown
Balloon Artist & Disco Dancer
"PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 4' Tall 165 lbs., Born 1975, Brown hair & eyes Costume is half prison uniform half clown, wonderfully crude make-up, cage available for extra cost."
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what about that chinese lump?
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celebrities with phones
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farley didn't have to turn around to know deep in the frozen pit gripping his soul that something had gone horrifically wrong at eggtoberfest this year
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pee pee bashing baby
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ten really crappy glam bands the world could have done without
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bang your head
"Metal health'll drive you mad..."
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action figure or actor?
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feline aromatherapy
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