sunday, aug 11, 2002
the lizard tongue flicks at my ears and face. it touches me over and over. it touches my feet and legs and belly and face until all my skin is licked away and i am wet with bleeding.
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weasand, fatends and bungs
oh my!
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adopt a marmot
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christopher walken photo gallery
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you don't have permission to access / on this server, because everyone hates you and secretly judges you.
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food porn (.com)
"This page contains food-oriented graphics. if you are under legal eating age, are offended by food, or if it is illegal to view or consume food in your community, please leave now. This site is not acting in any way to send you food; you are choosing to receive it."
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the tampactor
"helps reduce the cost of vaginal bleeding AND cuts down on disposable waste! NOW for the first time YOU can take genital hygiene into your own hands with the guarantee of a quality result EVERY TIME! TamPactor(tm) is the environmentally friendly way of keeping your underwear clean."
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mortimer graduated valedictorian
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saturday, aug 10, 2002

boudois grannies
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the bush administration is 38.74% over!
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slo mo - rappin' retard
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thursday, aug 8, 2002
mr. snaffleburger
"conform, consume, obey"
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christian pickup lines
"Are you cold? Eccleseasties 4:11"
"You put the "cute" back in persecution!"
" Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me."

...and lots more where those came from. Join the fun - submit your own!
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hot skating grandma
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"From: Mizz Suga
Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 2:20 AM
Subject: LAWSUIT
yea i'm the owner of and i see you have some shit of mine "mirrored" or what the fuck ever and i just want to let you know that all of my muthafuckin shit was copyrighted there for you have no right to do that shit. i'm going to check back tomorrow and if my lil directory/mirror BULLSHIT is not muthafuckin erased then i will be calling my muthafuckin lawyer. understand? i hope you do. you have exactly 24 hours to do so and if not i'm gonna sue the fuck out of you and your shitty little site. thanks."

wow. she's not just gonna sue me, she's gonna 'sue the fuck' outta me. well, at my age that won't be all that hard to do. using a lawyer who engages in incestuous relations with his own mother, apparently. should be interesting! who wants to buy videos?
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wednesday, aug 7, 2002

jester feels very deeply the joy of the present moment
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things that have been sold in vending machines
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groovy times
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NRA kooky kidz korner
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mr. t's head
"I pity the fool that don't buy T's head! You can't beat this deal with a pair of Mr. T's brass knuckles! It's made of rubber and can be used to replace your broken Mr. T action figure. Or better yet you can come up with your own devious purpose, FOOL!
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art by elephants (.com)
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tuesday, aug 6, 2002
how can i tell if i'm getting addicted to sex or pornography?
a public service message brought to you by that decrepit pornographer at everlasting blort.
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10 REM Basic 99 bottles of beer
20 FOR X=100 TO 1 STEP -1
30 PRINT X;"Bottle(s) of beer on the wall,";X;"bottle(s) of beer"
40 PRINT "Take one down and pass it around,"
50 PRINT X-1;"bottle(s) of beer on the wall"

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embarrassing problems (.com)
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dmitry hendrikson
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toe nail clippings
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safe barbecuing with the clever cleavers
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an experiment in repetition and the effects of americana on strangers in the supermarket
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get your freak on
note: 1.8 meg QuickTime .mov
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if i can't be airport security then i want to be a new world order harassment officer
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weird & different recipes
this "special collection of dishes to tempt your palate" offers up succulent seductions like jellied moose nose, that perennial favorite fried giant silk worm larvae, and the ever popular seal brain fritters. as they say in france, "bone" appetite!
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monday, aug 5, 2002

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kittens like to play with my tongue
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speak, monkey. speak.
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the travel trunk store: maid and housekeeping
"We're proud to offer a collection of traditional housekeeping & maid uniforms that present the right image."
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cat fence-in patented cat containment system
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when platypuses attack
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bleeding baby in the hand of jesus with blood drops at his feet
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cat staple remover
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the seattle windshield pitting epidemic
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hero wave molding tool company summarize
"Rather wave company for hero wave molding tool factory creating set upping in 1980,is a profession be engaged inning noting the molding tool the design, manufacturing. Our company's design manufacturing of set request for noting the molding tool the quantity attaining act foring importing, at go together to inside possess the."
ah. so.
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monday monday
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with a bamboo cane strapped to his already oversized nose, bill types lines of coding
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