sunday, aug 25, 2002

el vez
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buffy calls dr. laura
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six steps to computer power
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gwyneth and steve - our struggle to have a baby
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butt art
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arm wrestling freud
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zoom zoom
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your word is 'clag wad'.
click the button below to
generate more great words

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sex, drugs, and jesus christ
would you like a jello pudding snack?
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african in space (.com)
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fur suit sex (.com)
not work safe. not dishwasher safe. not responsible for those wearing fur when entering this site.
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this monkey is no ordinary monkey. this is the reincarnation of god.
"A male adult monkey has metamorphosised as God Hanuman. It all happened at Thimmaganapalli. A monkey just came inside the Altar or sanctum to the surprise of the priest and other on lookers. They beat the monkey with the stick and many have even threw stones. In the melee the monkey bore all this and came out with a new avatar as monkey God. The effort of the villagers to chase the monkey did not yield any results. The monkey doesn't eat anything, not even a delicious banana."
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saturday, aug 24, 2002
hello to rap fans, i am ill mitch
"I come from Russia to America now I am free to do 3 favorite things. These are rap and ride on my skateboard and hit my boxing bag. But most favorite thing is rap. I sometimes punch and rap. The stronger I punch and rap. After rap I am most happy."
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amy's diary
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frisbee dog
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once upon a time in america
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friday, aug 23, 2002

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thursday, aug 22, 2002
lonely insect communication center
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mediterranean slugs.
marine flatworms of the world.
socially redeeming blort of the week
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the ubiquity, functions, and contexts of bullshitting
"Bullshitting is an essentially social phenomenon worthy of investigation. In support of this view, I provide a definition that provides the basis for suggesting the ubiquity and diverse functions of bullshitting, and how it occurs in and is structured by a wide range of interpersonal and social contexts."
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nudie's rodeo tailors
"Nudie Cohn was born Nudka Cohn in Kiev, Russia, in 1902. His father was a poor Bootmaker. Hank Williams was one of the first in Nashville to wear a Nudie suit and after his big success everyone in Nashville Wore Nudie's suits. Throughout Nudie's career, he made costumes for the movies, Mainly westerns. John Wayne had clothing made by Nudie. Coloner Parker, Elvis's manager had Nudie make Elvis a 24k gold lame' suit at a cost of $10,000. By the late 1960's Nudie had become a living california legend..."
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super shinbuya
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yin yang world
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weenie babies
"I'm sleek in the sea,
I shine in the sun
You'll squeal with delight,
from my watertime fun!
Don't be mistaken,
My name isn't Flipper
Just wait till ya see,
What I got in my "Zipper"!

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floaty pen guy: what did he know about 9/11?
and when did he know it...
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hi, i'm sammy sperm
"Find out how the prostate gland plays an important role in sex by joining me on my mission to reach planet prostate."
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the official korean guy webpage
"My name is Duke and I can't stop thinking about korean guys. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet."
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wednesday, aug 21, 2002

ethiopian holiday special
"Johnnie Walker Red Lable + Medium Sheep $72 Only: $68"
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my 17 carat grandpa
"A LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life. Simply put, we have discovered how to capture the carbon that was always present, and until now, lost during cremation. Once captured, this carbon is placed in one of our unique diamond presses replicating the awesome forces of nature – heat and pressure. A diamond that takes millions of years to occur naturally can now be created from the carbon of your loved one in a matter of weeks."
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¡feliz cumpleaños, oink!
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the swine enthusiast
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hawaiian ho bag
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the society to prevent my employment
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tuesday, aug 20, 2002

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black beauties and helium?
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miscellaneous sheep reference books
"Titles include: TV Vet Sheep Book, 5th Edition this book is hard back with 191 pages, over 300 action pictures; and Code of Practice for Wool Clip Preparation, a booklet with several pages. This is an excellent collection of sheep books."
rixport at 9:08 pm

folk art in bottles
"Whimsey bottles," or "puzzle bottles," are constructions or scenes assembled inside bottles. The earliest examples of the art form date from the eighteenth century, but most seem to date from 1890-1930. The most well-known form is a ship, but almost anything that can be built or whittled has been put into a bottle and can be seen here."
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topher's breakfast cereal character guide
"This guide was created as a fun and educational reference on all your favorite cereal box characters from the early 1900's to the present. It is full of great images and information on over 750 characters. (No sugar added)."
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hazel stilton hotsnatch
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long bangs
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23rd annual mooning of amtrak
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jet fire truck (.com)
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think your web page is tough?
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wet fish aquaculture (.com)
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mr. bling (.com)
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tattooed goat butt
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