sunday, sep 22, 2002

brainwashing america
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have a good time with gomugomu
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tom jones clone (.com)
"Harmik - a name synonymous with the legendary singer Tom Jones. Internationally recognized and praised as the #1 Tom Jones look and sound alike in the world."
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ducks in dangerous, unnatural, and degrading situations
sounds like duck pr0n!
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the day time stood still
"The inner dials are stopped at the moments the world was changed forever - one each for the assaults on our country. The date is stopped at September 11... The main dial continues to keep time because -- like this great nation and its people -- time continues."
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those helpful popup security alerts
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international cursing & swearing dictionary
"This twisted dictionary serves the sole purpose of "enhancing" our vocabularies so that we may properly interract with our international neighbors. I assume no responsibility for poor judgement of where and when you use this knowledge. If anything you learn on this page offends someone else and they "react" to you in any form or fashion, it's YOUR problem."
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send colin to australia
"I've already been accepted into the program, and I'll be leaving in February. Even with optimistic budgeting, as of now I won't be able to afford the excursion. That's where you folks come into play: I need to raise $10,000 in the next 6 months so I can go to University of Adelaide."
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anti-radiation safety enhancing wideband insulating phone extender
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dope smoking legos
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my little pookie wookies
"I have two little kitty cats. Their names are Snookums and Fluffy. I just wubs them and wubs them. They're both quite the characters. Each with their own respective personality. Snookums is the outgoing type, friendly to everyone and always ready to be petted and stroked by anyone. Fluffy is quite the opposite. But still lovable to me."
mackque at 11:44 am
saturday, sep 21, 2002

edna clouds: a brush with fate
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dismal scientist layoff calculator
"estimates the probability that you will lose your job by year end 2002."
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eye am your eye
2.8 meg quicktime
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after you
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theme park accident watch
"In the United States, no official source is keeping a complete national record of theme park accidents. And in many U.S. states, including Florida, theme parks are not legally required to report accidents involving injury to anyone."
everything changed the day those kids crashed hijacked red barons into the power tower at cedar point. oh! the humanity!...
mackque at 5:02 pm

fully poseable 12" osama & saddam action figures
mackque at 4:23 pm

reptile trader (.com)
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today is saint pamphilus day
"A martyr in Rome of whom virtually nothing is known."
now the internet helps you keep your saintly shit together with saint of the day.
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the secret life of eddie van halen
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thursday, sep 19, 2002

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virtual elvis
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inget bus!!?
med Clownen Gay
"Clownen Gay busar med barnen i publiken, och flera barn får även medverka på scen."
[quonsar shrugs.]
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vipon - the world's only patented tampon
"For as long as women have had menstrual periods they have also had to deal with menstrual pain... Until NOW! Steven A. Kilgore has designed and patented a revolutionary new device - a self-contained vibrating tampon."
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mr. t's commandments
"YO! LISTEN SUCKUH! Mr. T is dropping the mad tight science on these stupid fresh tracks from 1984... FOOL!"
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lane van nuys siamese cat tv lamp
rixport at 7:02 pm

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vigoda hot alive or not?
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dictator fashion spotlight
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wednesday, sep 18, 2002

toxic mom
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virgin jihad
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monday, sep 16, 2002
our christian president
"As we have been assured, neither death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, can separate us from God's love. May He bless the souls departed. May He comfort our own. And may He always guide our country. God Bless America."
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kitsch sin art
by Alex Hamilton
"Combining his signature fruit iconography style and popular religious icons, Hamilton explores the phenomenon of merchandising beliefs and ideologies and produces a series of images on canvas that hovers between classical Renaissance Catholicism and Andy Warhol packaging Pop art."
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i am devi clara llum
"My main field of expression is as a Life and Soul Coach... My mission is to assist individuals on a heart-to-heart basis to realize their soul purpose within this incarnation... I have coached many souls that have reached clarity and strenght within themselves and now are happy creators of their phenomenal reality... I charge fees according to individual karma following inner command that I sense for each case."
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meta doll
********** Caution **********
"The contents preferably considered to be unpleasant may be included in this homepage in the people of less than 18 years old. Perusal of the people of less than 18 years old should withhold."
ah. so.
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my lawyer is a black ho
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