saturday, sep 28, 2002

the jan crouch experience
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my favorite vegetarian recipe
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thursday, sep 26, 2002
scrotum gift shop
"Kangaroo scrotum pouches are unusual sentimental little gifts. Due to its uniqueness they are remembered for a long time... Extremely rare and hard-to-find scrotums. Bring enormous fun and luck. Valuable gift for golfers."
available in small, medium, big, enormous and legendary.
sent in by ryan at 10:38 pm
boner the humpin' hound
"This dog's got a bone to pick with you! BONER The Humpin Hound will have you and your friends howling with laughter with his unique brand of affection! Just clip BONER'S front paws to any object, squeeze his back paw and watch as this dirty dog barks and gyrates in the classic pooch pose!"
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pia zadora riding leslie nielson
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the lamp
it's all just part of the great furniture circle of life.
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dewie the e-turtle protects you from haxorz
thanks to the federal trade commission all americans can feel safer online with dewie - just don't leave him alone with your kids.
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wednesday, sep 25, 2002

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tailgator gas powered blender
as seen on "Home Improvement"
"At only 10 lbs., the Totally Gross Tailgator sports a 24cc 2-stroke engine which generates enough torque to whip up a pitcher of your favorite frozen beverage in just about 15 seconds. Its 60 oz. plastic pitcher is light-weight and detachable for easy pouring and clean-up. Now, could making girlie drinks be any more manly?"
quonsar at 8:14 pm
world instrumental transcommunication
"In 1980, George Meek was working with a gifted psychic named Bill O’Neil to develop the Spiricom device, a set of 13 tone generators that allowed dialog between Heaven and Earth through electronic equipment for the first time ever. It was an historic occasion. Here is an excerpt from the 20 hours of dialog between Bill O’Neil on Earth and George Jeffries ("Doc") Mueller in spirit which came through the Spiricom device from 1979 to 1982:
Doc Mueller: "I think the problem is an impedance mismatch into that third transistor."
B O’Neil: "Third transistor…"
Doc Mueller: "Yes, the transistor that follows the, uh, the input."
B O’Neil: "I don’t understand."
Doc Mueller: "The pre-amp. The pre-amp."
B O’Neil: "Oh, the pre-amp."

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patty lee's guide to handspinning dog hair
"More and more people are discovering the beauty and warmth of hats, mittens, even sweaters made from their own pet's hair. A hat made of Chiengora (dog hair) is soft and fluffy like angora. It's incredibly warm and sheds water as well... More and more people are proudly saying, "Yes, the item I'm wearing is special. It's Chiengora, the fur from my very own dog."
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why stop at a muppet with aids?
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i like ike
1.8 meg quicktime
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monday, sep 23, 2002

september 24th is blort's 2nd birthday!!!
and we've got a panopoly of porpulent protuberances to poke and pick at!

september 24th is the presurfer's 2nd birthday!!!
blort's astral twin blog was born on the same date and by some quirk of the packet-switched universe now resides on the same server! happy birthday, presurfer!

blort's first link: wesley willis
awww, 350 pounds of fine music to soothe the savage breasteses.

gallery of unfortunate birthday cards
just follow the nice blort scout across the street, maam

send us a birthday bone!
we like to fetch!

rixport sent us this birthday goat
shelldrake is facing another lonely night.

holy, um, moly
whatever is going on in this carving looks like a perfect birthday gift for quonsar.

that bad birthday girl
madamjujujive awaits her birthday spanking!

inflatable monkey love?
nope! another satisfied apple customer!
a special birthday greetz from lohphat

cover your eyes!
the birthday suit bear
"This Bear cannot wait to celebrate in his bare skin! This uninihibited little fellow has a Honey fur head and a light tan fur body complete with a belly button, and wears a removable "Bear skin" suit made of Honey fur with velcro front closures."

dan's new gallery of scary clowns
"INSTRUCTIONS: click on a clown, then stare at it until the horror really creeps up on you. Repeat until mad."
because what's a birthday without clowns?

have you watched a cat poop today?
what else would you want to do on blort's birthday?

party games!

also born on september 24th

thank you for reading blort!
we love ya!
hugz & kisses & licks & stuff from
quonsar & madamjujujive at 8:28 pm