sunday, dec 29, 2002

godly christian "furies" for christ
helping those who suffer from fursex attraction disorder
"I have been geeting information from God. God speaks to me directly, very often now. God speaks to me by shooting a pink beam of light into my hed. So now every Sunday, I shave up all my body, especially my sin parts! It scratches and bleeds and hurts for Christ! I have maed a pink flashlight to shine at my sin parts everyday to make "skinburn". I will spend at least 2 days a week revieing filthy furie porn so that I can be more aware of what I am fighting for Christ!"
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thank god for bacon
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bathroom mania
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friday, dec 27, 2002

532k QuickTime
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handlebar club 1947
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stewardess uniforms
"When I was a small boy, I wanted to become a flight attendant. That was my big dream and my big dream came true! I started my career at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines when I was 21 and aside from a stint at Passenger Services for three years, I still hold that position. As I travel the world, it gives me the opportunity to visit local airline offices and I meet people who can maybe help me to obtain new uniforms for my collection. One day, I hope to have my own museum."
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thursday, dec 26, 2002

virtual om
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wednesday, dec 25, 2002
try the veal
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tuesday, dec 24, 2002

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julie unmasked
359k windows media
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monday, dec 23, 2002

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alien drag queen
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designer habits
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