sunday, feb 2, 2003

petticoat punishment art
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endric at 5:40 pm

toho tokusatsu movie poster gallery
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big gulp
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gas signs
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dirty rusty oily stuff
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saturday, feb 1, 2003

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friday, jan 31, 2003

bail bond girl
"Everything You Need to Know About Bail Bonds is Bail Bond Girl's Phone Number! Bail Bond Girl Makes it easier to Get Out Before Shower Time!"
trub at 6:38 pm
thursday, jan 30, 2003
uri-mate urination funnel
"Tired of trying to deal with those filthy toilets when traveling? We've learned to take along our own toilet supplies when we're on the road. Try Uri-MateŽ--easy-to-use, stiff-paper funnels that allow women to stand, with minimal undressing, when nature calls. Disposable after use, so it's a lot more sanitary than reusable funnels. Try a box!"
endric at 7:48 pm
wednesday, jan 29, 2003

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when you download internet porn, you're jerking off with hitler
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warning! the link contains stroboscopic effects and is not recommended for people that suffer from epilepsy
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powers of ten
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buy against humans
"Welcomely in the anti- human being Shop of the friends against humans. We offer here a selected product range to you against humans. Well, klaro! - for children we have also which thereby. With our Logo we guarantee the high quality of our products. The assortment will automatically extend occasionally."
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felch, michigan
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the fbi has a new way of tracking terrorists
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poufbunny pinup parlor
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shop. destroy. rule.
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human shields
"We still need more volunteers! Our capacity grows every day and the action will be a continuous effort with many transports in the coming weeks."
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a lovely story
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scouts on postcards
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tuesday, jan 28, 2003
last rites tattoo
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houou sazae
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monday, jan 27, 2003

when good piercings go bad
trub at 8:19 pm
pain relief medications that can induce constipation
valuable internet resource #88513
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