saturday, apr 26, 2003
madamjujujive at 9:20 am

two jealous perverts
Ooh papa toonie, we got a loonie!
Hullay, meuviegaers! We're David and Suzu, the Two Jealous Perverts, and our mission is to introduce you to the glamorous world of John Waters, our favourite American filmmaker.
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thursday, apr 24, 2003

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things i've pushed through toast
crunchland at 7:16 pm
wednesday, apr 23, 2003
having to correct children so many times, you will agree, is an inefficiency.
"Children are still much in trouble both at home and elsewhere. And do not get in line or obey without to be commanded repeatedly. Being good Methodists both in our nation and abroad, we have set about to cure this social illness through both persuasive merchandising and sales. Hello Jesus is the friendly little savior who brings joy to the young in heart."
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madamjujujive at 8:46 pm

plumbers butt caulk
a high quality crack filler
"This lightweight formula spreads easily, dries quickly, needs no sanding. Can be removed with soap and water. Light weight. Can be painted or textured to match any surface."
madamjujujive at 8:20 pm

this is my desk chair at school, covered with puffin fabric and decorated with puffin stickers

puffin billy's parade of peerie puffins
mr. crash davis loves puffins at 7:47 pm

froot loops of the damned
quonsar at 7:23 pm
george w. bush's nigerian spam letter
quonsar at 7:14 pm
tuesday, apr 22, 2003

it's no wonder 100 million faggots are eaten in the UK every year

meet the faggot family
"The Doody family – true faggot fanatics – are the family recently chosen in a nationwide search to find a family to represent Mr Brain’s Faggots... an ordinary family who loves and eats faggots on a regular basis."
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pretty generic at 9:49 pm
monday, apr 21, 2003
i see pet
"The Internet Pet Feeder, the "iSeePet". You can make real-time communication with your pet, in anytime, from anywhere, throughout the Internet. First, via PC or mobile phone. Through the built-in camera you will see the live picture of your pet. You will enjoy motion image from the PC, and still image on the cellular phone. Pressing Food Button A, a smaller amount of food will be served from Food Server A.Pressing Food Button B, a larger amount of food will be served from Food Server B."
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