sunday, may 11, 2003

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new. intelligent. omo.
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sensual steel
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the enemy has many faces
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pet goats
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saturday, may 10, 2003
mayhem and chaos hair
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tuesday, may 6, 2003
anita's fotm
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welcome to donley school, mr. berry's second and third grade may lunch menu
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saving face
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finite element analysis and a high isotactic polypropylene homopolymer
"The search for a bra with a perfect fit has been made by many women over the years. However, until recently there has been little application of engineering to bra design, despite an early patent brought by an aeronautical engineer. In fact, the basic design has not changed dramatically since its appearance in 1885. But now a brand new design of bra has been released."
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fsh attractors
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monday, may 5, 2003

ken's beach bungalow
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what was funny on the blow is not it more really now
"The actor Kiefer Sutherland, high-speed motorboat of the televised series 24, was literally made take the breeches lowered at the time of one evening single people."
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