sunday, oct 12, 2003

fleeb cooks a cow
quonsar at 6:15 am

building a lionel ritchie head
"Here is a chronicle of how my friend and I built our first Lionel Richie head. We hadn't had any prior experience and neither of us was particularly artistic. Luckily, you'll find that anyone with a little time and a lot of clay will eventually be able to make an enormous noggin that captures the main feature of the "Hello" star."
madamjujujive at 4:42 am
i told the cops i wasn't afraid of them because, just like the octopus, i could create a dark cloud for camouflage and escape. they laughed, but the joke's on them: they're never going to get that stain and smell out of their squad car.
quonsar at 4:31 am

skeeter: international dog of mystery
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4 meg quicktime
madamjujujive at 3:27 am

casket golf putter
clavdivs at 3:15 am
tri-bloc multifunction support system
"The Tri-Bloc offers a new dimension in the embalming process. The transparent and open design allows the embalmer flexibility such as accessing the back of the head. It also allows the hairdresser the advantage of working with the sides of the head since the Tri-Bloc is not solid on the ends. The Tri-Bloc has anti-slip features on all sides, as well as holes for placing a water supply hose. This will allow the embalmer the luxury of drainage around the entire head and neck area."
quonsar at 3:01 am
snyders embalming service
"We must be better than the average embalmer, faster, sharper, cleaner, and able to do perfect work under less than perfect circumstances. Excellence is expected from us from all quarters if we expect further business." - Jon Martin Snyder
inspired and highly motivatedembalmers. building communityand dealing with tissue gas.
madamjujujive at 1:47 am
friday, oct 10, 2003

87 billion
mr. crash davis at 7:25 pm
thursday, oct 9, 2003

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erectors, packers, inserters and bottom loaders
oh my.
quonsar at 2:17 am
five things that sucked about lord of the rings
"...surely it was reasonable to assume that a movie of such supposedly high caliber must have lesbians in it."
insomnyuk at 1:12 am
wednesday, oct 8, 2003

consumer reports vintage photo gallery
via penny dreadful
quonsar at 10:02 pm

bulb collector
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madamjujujive at 8:25 pm

87 billion
quonsar at 7:33 pm
social security death index interactive search
"June 2003 - 70,901,606 records - The most full-featured and up-to-date SSDI search engine on the internet - The BEST SSDI search engine on the internet"
quonsar at 3:37 am
you are un-aligned.
"You have brought great shame and dishonor to your ISP, viewer-chan. The /index.shtml on this venerable server has been denied of one such as yourself whos Chi is so far out of alignment. You must focus your Ra and re-route the puissant channels in your body and align them with that of Morduk, slayer of Tiamat, whos karmiac pathway is in the seventh cusp of Jupiter."
quonsar at 1:37 am
tuesday, oct 7, 2003

funniest thing i've seen all day
the official "bush-bcheney'04 blog". many entries written by "" himself.
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coon cheese
quonsar at 3:52 pm

alabama coon jigger
He dances like crazy when you wind him up...
"...after 93 years!!! This fine Alabama Coon Jigger "Tombo" was made by the Ferdinand Strauss Co in New York and uses the very early round spring mechanism. This piece pre-dates the similar toy made by Marx ( I think ) He is complete but it looks as though his arms have been replaced."
quonsar at 3:47 pm
monday, oct 6, 2003

gay wallets to hold your gay money
mr. crash davis at 11:54 pm
sodium party
"I'd read about, and heard stories about, throwing sodium into water. It's a classic thing chemistry students do in college, and based on the reports I have been able to find on the internet, they are often drunk at the time. While anecdotal evidence would suggest that many people have thrown sodium into the lakes and streams of the world, they have been reprehensibly lax in documenting the results. I decided I should produce a comprehensive online reference on sodium dropping, with documentation on the size and shape of the chunks, how thrown, and most importantly with videos of the resulting explosions. To do this, I held a Sodium Party. People brought chips and soda and we had a cookout."
pharkus at 11:47 pm

madness redeemer
mr. crash davis at 11:36 pm

foam food costumes
madamjujujive at 10:17 pm

madamjujujive at 9:45 pm

tonka literature
clavdivs at 8:05 pm

/meet your motor grader operator
lazyville at 7:55 pm

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