sunday, oct 26, 2003

cherry legs drawer
dutch maple
"The drawer opens through a springlock button in the virgina."
the versatile virgina. is there anything it can't do?
madamjujujive at 9:25 pm

patrick at 8:35 pm
saturday, oct 25, 2003
madamjujujive at 10:34 am

religious tattoos
"Chances are you made your way here because you have a religious tattoo or you're thinking of getting one. Either way, we have two things in common: a profound desire to profess our faith and an enthusiastic interest in tattoos."
madamjujujive at 10:32 am
high heel shoe museum
madamjujujive at 10:29 am
friday, oct 24, 2003

it's dick, the albino bowler
"and he's come to bowl."
clavdivs at 6:54 pm

brownpau at 6:10 pm
this product is large, do not order unless you understand the size.
mr. crash davis at 5:25 pm

an unreal resemblance?
mr. crash davis at 1:14 am
thursday, oct 23, 2003
you borg sniffing pimp for a ferengi bilge spore.
quonsar at 3:28 am
wednesday, oct 22, 2003

internet halloween: when memes collide
melinika at 11:56 pm

fenjas fandmännchen seite
lazy-ville at 10:36 pm
tuesday, oct 21, 2003

anti-masturbation device prototypes by caleb and elsie hamer
"Here is a small collection of anti-masturbation devices I have invented to help the sincere born again Christian stop the sinful, evil, hellbound practice of MASTURBATING! As of now, they are not being marketed because I am broke and a lot of stupid people are not interested in investing the money to produce them.
quonsar at 2:16 pm
monday, oct 20, 2003

have chainsaw will travel
meet kevin gilders, chainsaw carverand creator of useless wooden objects.
jimbob at 10:10 pm

mr. crash davis at 10:02 pm

bug selecta
madamjujujive at 9:36 pm
synthetic fecal fluid compound
"The present invention relates to a synthetic fecal fluid compound. More particularly it is a synthetic fecal fluid compound that has an improved dewatering rate thereby making it more useful than existing materials for testing and other procedures where fecal matter is involved. One particular area of usefulness is with respect to the development of personal care devices such as diapers, training pants and incontinence garments which serve to collect and contain fecal matter."
anathema at 7:34 pm
a flabby nipple clamp
"Most people believe that a thunderstorm tongues a treacherous finger, but they need to remember how seldom a paternal Character A procrastinates."
quonsar at 5:27 pm