saturday, apr 3, 2004
barber shop signs
Barbers' signs can often be dated by the hairstyles depicted - today inspired as often as not by events, styles and personalities in the USA. We find "Mike Tyson", "Mr. Tee", "House Party", and "Cocaine Cut" offered alongside such old favorites as "Nelson Mandela", "Back Bush", "Sportin' Waves" and "Boeing 707".
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o incomodo
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friday, apr 2, 2004

light propagation in binary space
madampropagationjive at 12:56 am
thursday, apr 1, 2004
blort tunage is currently available
and like blort itself, you never know WTF you'll find
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blort's impersonation of metafilter today
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pink girls
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wednesday, mar 31, 2004
music to blort by
shoutcast stream featuring various crap not at all guaranteed to be cool.
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tuesday, mar 30, 2004

the truth about george
"When the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush president, five biased justices overruled the people of the United States and trampled on our principles of democracy. Now, an illegitimate president runs rampant, turning this country upside down."
quonsar at 10:10 pm

the bollocks is strange
"but a proper instrument and plays well and sounds truely beautifull with great bottom end, sounds like a fender precision. This is perfect for someone looking to make a name for themselfs beleve me when your seen on stage with this guitar people wont stop talking about you."
mr. crash davis at 8:42 pm

madamjujujive at 1:22 am
lycoming engines
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natural rockers
"The figures are made from pipe cleaners, a child's medium. They can be seen as three dimensional rude graffiti or frivolous fluffy toys."
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