sunday, apr 18, 2004

banana guard
protect your banana!
"...specially designed to fit the vast majority of bananas. Its other features include multiple small perforations to facilitate ventilation thereby preventing premature ripening and a sturdy locking mechanism to keep the Banana Guard closed. The Banana Guard is of course dishwasher safe for easy cleaning."
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come with me tonight
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saturday, apr 17, 2004

miss ping
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2.8 meg WMV clip
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gallery of ingenious, but impractical devices
"In this hand-operated vacuum cleaner, which has been recently placed on the market, a bellows, strapped to the back and around the waist, provides the suction. A lever, worked to and fro by the left hand, operates the belows and the right hand directs the suction nozzle. The dust is drawn into the bloow where it is confined by means of porous felt."
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waazwiz products
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wednesday, apr 14, 2004

cloud dreamer
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peter stanick
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tuesday, apr 13, 2004

ziptie is watching
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james vs. the fly
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monday, apr 12, 2004
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windows noises
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the person with a new idea is a crank - until the idea succeeds - by - mark
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