sunday, jun 13, 2004

police patch of the month
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youth of britain
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george claus
Regular (Liberal) Price: $60
Conservative Price: $40

"Conservative Discount. Rewarding Americans for being "right." This is where conservative Americans support conservative companies & conservative companies thank conservative Americans. Our Mission: Give owners of conservative American companies an outlet for publicly stating their political affiliations and giving them a way to offer like-minded Americans discounts on their products without undermining their existing sales channels."
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saturday, jun 12, 2004

1 out of 6 ain't so bad
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a heap of trouble
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chew shit fun
it has to be a secret sorority: gay pr0n, gaye males and judy graham swallows.
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blogjam's amazing animal portal
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limited edition red eliot sneaker
"Join the ranks of bands like Blink 182, The Used, Box Car Racer, Modest Mouse and Alkaline Trio, all who proudly sport their MacBeths! Designed with vegans in mind, this shoe was made for comfort and style, all the way down to close attention not to use any bone-based glues in the sole."
why do i feel like bob barker all of a sudden?
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the ultimate start page
most elementary resources on the web.
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road maps
via amberglow
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i've got a pie hole on the front of my head
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thursday, jun 10, 2004

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will work for loaves and fishes
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jesus chryslah welcomez yuo my pretty
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george w. bush coloring book
mr. crash davis at 6:02 pm
wednesday, jun 9, 2004

sock full of bees
1.6 meg quicktime movie
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squirrel chase
brought to you by the fine folks at peepo.
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tuesday, jun 8, 2004

invasion of the square dancing aliens from the planet texas
can this explain dubyuh? can anything?
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trixie bedlam
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duhbyuh's xp
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all your favorite cartoon characters. doing it.
Note: NSFW
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monday, jun 7, 2004

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the cyber hymnal autoplay
baaa! baaa!
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