sunday, jul 18, 2004

are you tired?
quonsar at 12:34 pm

big baby's home page
"It is verry nice to talk about diapers with other people, and to play baby online together with people who like that to. I have lot of friends there, so I can't mention them all over here. But I want to mention 2 persons cause they are very special for me : 1. my online mommy Auntiegen. I really love her a lot, and hope I will be able to visit her in real live. 2. my online antie : momster. She is a good friend for all abies (but watch out for her spanking stick)."
quonsar at 12:27 pm

postbox or cheese?
quonsar at 11:13 am

please sit down
quonsar at 11:03 am
saturday, jul 17, 2004

bikini bounce
|amanda| at 10:14 pm

everyone has needs
madamjujujive at 1:42 pm

pete and rob
madamjujujive at 1:27 pm
wednesday, jul 14, 2004

dunbar / chiappin
madamjujujive at 11:12 pm
tuesday, jul 13, 2004

moose vs car
alecia at 11:32 am

christina vann
madamjujujive at 12:19 am

megafowl: better chickens for a better future
"Megafowl's newest product, the SuperHENŽ II, is still under development. We expect enormous strides in maximum animal size, with a projected weight of over two hundred pounds and height close to that of an ostrich."
quonsar at 12:09 am
monday, jul 12, 2004

trump fires bush
madamjujujive at 11:15 pm