sunday, sep 12, 2004

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cletus fetus
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saturday, sep 11, 2004
rowboat veterans for truth
"You never hear it mentioned in the biased liberal history books, but the man often caught his wooden teeth on fire smoking his beloved hempweed. Several times a week at least. Why do you think he was always covering his teeth in portraits? I demand he release his dental records!" - Dr. Hargrove Hampton, Dentist in the 101st Militia Regiment
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female single combat club
"In this section we leave words to people from the world of women's combat. We appreciate any real information sending to us."
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friday, sep 10, 2004

100 faces
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thursday, sep 9, 2004

moody aquarium washbasin
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the great voltini and nurse electra
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gunslinger girl
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men pulling corks
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wednesday, sep 8, 2004

hillbilly covers
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milo's tongue
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( you are not here )
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new stuff from flugsport
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tuesday, sep 7, 2004

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