sunday, oct 7, 2007

blort bow to geisha asobi
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computer cat wall clock
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kyusha medical books
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rent a ruminant
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little randy
Little Randy is available to perform his dwarf entertainment act at your special event.
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saturday, oct 6, 2007

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make a dalek chocolate cake
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devo: beautiful world
thanks, internet weekly
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the crust buster
"The rotation of the blade lifts and removes solids and chunks off the bottom of the tank while pulling the crust off the top, smashing and mixing the entire contents of the tank into a liquid slurry for easier pumping."
monkeyboy at 1:06 am
thursday, oct 4, 2007

gallery of vintage mandobabes
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doo-wop bee-jay
blort bow to john's blog
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paleo future
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the big picture book of viruses
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feen 1997
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wednesday, oct 3, 2007

giants from times past
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face fun
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tuesday, oct 2, 2007

lika barn avvika bäst del 2
related: english interpretation
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monday, oct 1, 2007

"These are made from found objects. They are wedged, fitted, and puzzled together without adhesives. Because of this they are extremely fragile. Some of them are also quite dangerous to handle casually."
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the loneliest icelander
thanks, americablog
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