saturday, may 3, 2008

1000 faces
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the human marvels
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toaster central
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a guide to tango terminology
"Planchadoras — The women who sit all night at the milongas without being asked to dance. The main reason for that, is because they don't know how to dance well enough. Yes, it may seem cruel but one of the many tango lyrics actually says something like, "let them learn as a consequence of sitting all night."
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flame warriors
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thursday, may 1, 2008

baile del karramarro
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joshua hoffine photography
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mission accomplished day

fun with war crimes - trailer - mission accomplished
fun with war crimes, episode 1: heckuva job
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lsd vs alcohol vs tree
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be popular: learn to draw in your spare time
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wednesday, apr 30, 2008
new media douchebag
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dhruvi acharya
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loo loo
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ben newman
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tuesday, apr 29, 2008

The original machine had a base-plate of prefabulated amulite, surrounded by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurving bearings were in direct line with the pentametric fan, the latter consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzelvanes, so fitted to the ambifacient lunar vaneshaft that side fumbling was effectively prevented.
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color my world
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petite mèche de cheveux
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squirrel underpants
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monday, apr 28, 2008

battlestar galactica theme
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Error Message: Your Password Must Be at Least 18770 Characters and Cannot Repeat Any of Your Previous 30689 Passwords
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