sunday, oct 19, 2008

kristen ferrell
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alberto cerriteño
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vintage german halloween diecuts
merci nag on the lake
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saturday, oct 18, 2008

having the talk
"Talking to your parents about the risks of John McCain isn't as hard as you think."
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we sing the forest electric
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butts lol butts lol dongs butts butts butts lol
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thyme cube
"Singularity sprig is EVIL as Creation reigns as Opposites. Educators, and You - ought to be killed for ignoring the fact that "Spice is Cubed". (ignored and suppressed by EVIL chefs) Joy of Cooking was far less of an achievement than Thyme Cube discovery, for I have Cubed the Spice, with 4 simultaneous flavor types in 1 plant of Earth. (singularity belief scientist can't comprehend J.O.C.) Iron Chef SUPREMACY and the academic taught supremacy constitute great evils in the Cubic World of Seasoning - Opposites taste buds and Opposite leaves of plant life."
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sleep safe tape
no puedo creer
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friday, oct 17, 2008

costumecon proboscian sippy mask
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raccoon willie
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silver deluxe editions
thanks weekly teinou woman
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thursday, oct 16, 2008

lizzel lizzel
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knitted toilet paper pattern
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chemical party
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test your knowledge of goat anatomy
can you click on the teat?
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via andy's blog
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la pequeña sara palin
thanks tekno tronik
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wednesday, oct 15, 2008

palin as president
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joe the plumber
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tuesday, oct 14, 2008

yes we carve
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trap jaw ants
"The tiny terror uses its mandibles for more than just biting. If a predator threatens, the ant can strike its jaws on the ground and catapult itself to safety. Vertical jumps can reach over 8 centimetres, and horizontal jumps can throw it almost 40 cm."
thanks jpl
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hiroshi comesta kariya
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The final countdown
hat tip to boli
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the toaster museum
blort bow to jpl
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umbrella today?
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monday, oct 13, 2008
barack obama is your new bicycle
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trilobite beetle of laos
via uncertain times
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head kenzan japanese massager
thanks presurfer
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