thursday, jul 29, 2010

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american cities pre-1950
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celestial soul portraits
Erial meditates and "tunes into you", to "get your unique Essence". Once Erial really "gets who you are", then, starting from the image you provided, he magically transforms it into a Celestial Soul Portrait of you!
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freezelight magic forest
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"ready to fill with your favorite grey batter and bake into perfect cupcake craniums"
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wednesday, jul 28, 2010

monkey relic
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soap and water
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bitte dritte
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preserving the criminal code
"The tattoo collection at the Department of Forensic Medicine at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland consists of 60 objects preserved in formaldehyde, a method devised by one of the experts employed by the Department at the turn of 20th century. The tattoos were collected from the prisoners of the nearby state penitentiary on Montelupich Street as well as from the deceased on whom autopsies were performed."
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man in a cat
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rickshaw drivers
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tuesday, jul 27, 2010

turf dancing in the rain / danse sous la pluie
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aldebaran robotics nao robot show
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turntables by joel scilley
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brosmind studio
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animator vs animation
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monday, jul 26, 2010

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bonaparte - boycott everything
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olaf hajek
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vintage book covers with unintentionally dirty titles
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hintsanen party project
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otter pups swim lesson
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