sunday, sep 25, 2011

richard burbridge masks
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iconic playboy bunny branding
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build a house for less than $5,000
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jazz for cows
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bellagio water fountain, kid style
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slinky drop
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saturday, sep 24, 2011
:: everflashing vintage backblort: august 16, 2001 ::

the fishing goddess (.com)
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: august 12, 2001 ::
what bird did that?
the art of ornithological dejecta
birdshit. is it art, or is it...birdshit?
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: august 1, 2001 ::
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: july 24, 2001 ::
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: july 18, 2001 ::

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:: everflashing vintage backblort: june28, 2001 ::

Panties are for gals
MANties are for guys.
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: june 24, 2001 ::
industrial perforators online
who will protect the children?
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: may 14, 2001 ::
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: april 26, 2001 ::
the incredible world of navel fluff
world's biggest collection of one person's bellybutton lint
"Some people gaze into their navel for inspiration: I look into mine and see navel fluff. Also known as navel lint, it is that fascinating fluffy substance that forms mysteriously in the belly buttons of special people."
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: april 8, 2001 ::
grow your own horns
do-it-yourself Gothic fashion
"If you really wanna grow horns, you'd better get thyself to Three Mile Island and stick your head under the nice hot water that runs off the plutonium rods. But if you just want to look like you grew horns, you've come to the right place."
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: march 13, 2001 ::
the visible barbie project
the foundation for unnatural research
"Funded in part by grants from The National Association for the Advancement of Women Whose Individual Breasts are Not Bigger than their Waistlines."
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: march 9, 2001 ::

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:: everflashing vintage backblort: march 5, 2001 ::
virtual church of the blind chihuahua
the courage to be ridiculous before god
"You may bring your dogma, but only if it doesn't bite."
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: february 25, 2001 ::

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:: everflashing vintage backblort: february 12, 2001 ::
rocketman, designer of deluxe rocketships
the idea of space exploration drives men to great lengths
"After fifteen years in the music business as guitar tech and tour manager I found my passion, inspired by an old Electrolux that my Grandmother had given me years before and mistakenly thrown out."
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: january 28, 2001 ::
i am not a movie theater, i am cheese. and my hovercraft is full of eels.
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: december 17, 2000 ::
body inflation home page
a special fixation on all things pneumatic
"Some people are into inflatable toys, some folks like inflating clothing, some people just like balloons, some people like people who are just like balloons, those of us who are into inflating people."
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: december 15, 2000 ::
pink motherboards
the perfect accessory for geek barbie?
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:: everflashing vintage backblort: october 1, 2000 ::
i'm too sexy for my church
entertaining broadcast fuckups
"For two hours, millions of Roman Catholics watched video of cardinals singing hymns and praying, set to the orgasmic moaning and caterwauling of porn stars..."
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blorty smooches to our cromulent friend gerard at the presurfer for blog birthday #11 ... we are astral twins, it's our #11 year b-day, too - the puberty years! we dunno about you, but we're feeling all tingly 'down there'...
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friday, sep 23, 2011
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big face animal t-shirts
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david bowie paper dolls
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superhero embryos
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paco pomet
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tuesday, sep 20, 2011

selected works by ruth marten
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video professor confessor
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living architecture - natural bridges
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medusa, i.q., and hair--1928
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mitch dobrowner - monster storms
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mrs. miller - a hard days night
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monday, sep 19, 2011

mime song
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sims - lmg
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michael jackson - das racist
via soup videos
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why pugs are the worst dogs
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anti-neoist rally
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hipster ipsum
artisanal filler text for your site or project
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