sunday, may 6, 2012

flying the coop for a few weeks - try this smorgasblort sampling

dangerous minds
fancy notions
form is void
i have seen the whole of the internet
miss cellania
nag on the lake
nothing to do with arbroath
tacky raccoons
the presurfer
who killed bambi
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coney island love letter
via feuilles de choux
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look at these 35 star wars memes, you will
hoodie at 12:00 am
saturday, may 5, 2012

star wars yodeling
via the presurfer
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takeo ischi - chicken yodeling
via miss cellania
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young person - henry rollins
via dangerous minds
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the dreamkeepers - polixeni papapetrou
via form is void
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the flow chart of j. alfred prufrock
via nag on the lake
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amusement level: crazy
via i have seen the whole of the internet
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friday, may 4, 2012

warren relates a story
see a larger version of the photo
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famous artists dissected
via dangerous minds
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365 lucky days
"One hand embroidered artwork will be created with love each and everyday for one year."
via mira y calla
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futuristic industrial design
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feel the love
related: interview
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them - gloria
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cute kitten afraid
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thursday, may 3, 2012

the felt cervix project
blopeep at 11:24 pm

hyperbolic crochet coral reef
blopeep at 11:23 pm

the avengers xxx
hoodie at 11:23 pm

duct tape prom couples
madamjujujive at 11:22 pm

groovie movie - 1944 jitterbug instructional
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frogman tim cotterill rocket ii
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the george bush you forgot
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