sunday, sep 15, 2013

tokyo sushi
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nrktk - little bastard
art by flakonkishochki
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lego thriller intro
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vulture hand-hooked pillow
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babies in tobacco advertising
" Babies, especially, represent purity, vibrancy, and life - concepts which can be dangerous when tied to tobacco products. Finally, these depictions of infants were an obvious ploy to attract females to smoking as part of the industry's campaign to expand the pool of women smokers."
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ballpoint barber
stop motion madness - see behind the scenes
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how to shrink your cat
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saturday, sep 14, 2013

taste you like yogurt
whatchya featuring flula borg & flynt flossy
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in morocco 2013
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a beautiful collection of insects
a bee collected in maryland - sam droege
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my little brony toy commercial
"...from the makers of the anatomically correct yogi bear"
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lobster motorcycles
detailed sculptures by taiwanese chef huang mingbo
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mad men and crazy critters
vintage advertising using animals
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angry goose goes on the attack
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putin on the ritz
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monday, sep 9, 2013

portraits of nigerian monarchs
nigerian photojournalist george osodi documents many of the country’s tribal kings in photographs
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janelle monae - dance apocalyptic
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the fascinating fbi files of 10 cultural icons
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enter the ginger
die antwoord parody
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naked baby #wombat. Did you hear me? NEKKID. BABY. WOMBAT!
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