sunday, sep 22, 2013

fox head cowl
cute kids' hooded hat patterns to knit or crochet
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steampunk sculptures by sue beatrice
via nag on the lake
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a squirrels' guide to fashion
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sweetheart pincushions
during wwi, british soldiers embroidered these and sent them home to wives, sweethearts and mothers
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behind-the-scenes chestburster fx test from aliens
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saturday, sep 21, 2013

bird flipbook machines - juan fontanive
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bees drinking turtle tears
via the presurfer
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atomic water pistol
from the alphadrome robot and space toy database
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watch what happens when a portrait artist takes lsd
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spectacular photo of lightning strikes at the grand canyon
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friday, sep 20, 2013

douglas hart - x plus film ultra
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a capella science - bohemian gravity
blopeep at 11:41 pm

cat imagery in the suffrage movement
"cats represented the domestic sphere, and anti-suffrage postcards often used them to reference female activists. the intent was to portray suffragettes as silly, infantile, incompetent, and ill-suited to political engagement"
via not_the_water @mefi
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the swinging sixties
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the aquamaids of san marcos, texas
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wednesday, sep 18, 2013

brazil street arte
from tom-b
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spongebob on the nile
the backstory: amid war and chaos spongebob squarepants takes over the nile
via @lukedones
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the making of rosemary's baby
mia farrow and roman polanski - more at dangerous minds
via nag on the lake
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tiger shark steals camera from petrified photographer
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what shakespeare sounded like to shakespeare
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monday, sep 16, 2013

the british folklore project
photographer hentry bourne traveled to various festivals in the uk with a portable studio to capture portraits of people who participate in these events and rituals
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mystery of picasso
"this particular sequence became the trailer of clouzot’s 1956 documentary the mystery of picasso. the paintings in it, we read at the end, “cannot be seen anywhere else. they were destroyed upon completion of the film.”
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cleaning the giant studebaker on display at the century of progress world’s fair, 1933
via steampunnk vehicles
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an enema device for blowing smoke up the ass
"the tobacco smoke enema, an insufflation of tobacco smoke into the rectum by enema, was a medical treatment employed by european physicians for a range of ailments"
via homunculus @mefi
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monkey eats ivan's favorite cheese soup
via nothing to do with arbroath
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le voyage dans la lune 1902
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