sunday, oct 20, 2013

notorious baldies
fernando perottini produces a series of illustrations depicting the distinct bald heads of some of pop culture's most notorious icons
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aerobic champions
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make a robotic snap-o-latern
see a video or order a kit
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queen's park the cat
22 animals who've been hiding out on the london underground map
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beatles cover 'get back' - mariachi style
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a cute friendly platypus
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saturday, oct 19, 2013

lesser know posters of jean-luc godard
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handmade kitten fort
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launch sequence, woman in the moon
fritz lang - 1929
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omg biscoff spread
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seriously spooky cemetary stories
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wednesday, oct 16, 2013

adding monsters to thrift store paintings
artists chris mcmahon and thryza segal inject a little fun into scenic landscapes and discarded paintings
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artist's face balloon heads
work by laurina paperina
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mickey mouse in ghoul friend
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hallowe'en tutorial: sewn shut
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birmingham bertha - ethel waters, 1929
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addicted to oreos?
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monday, oct 14, 2013

sanne couprie photography - naked chicken
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sophia loren & americano
thanks @loukasven
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dating tips for teens, 1946 - junior prom
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wedding ring handforged from a meteorite
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star wars recap - etch a sketch version
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64 horror movies in a 5 minute montage
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